“Gov Bullock Wouldn’t Talk to Us on Camera for This Story”

Aaron Flint posted on September 18, 2015 14:00 :: 1201 Views

If you’re one of the 140 mine workers who just found out they lost their job in Whitehall, Montana- I wonder how it feels to know that your own Governor is spending the weekend in Whitefish raising dark money from radical environmentalists.  

And not just any governor, but a Governor who has said that he is against raising corporate money and dark money.  Now, Gov. Steve Bullock (D-MT) won’t even answer questions on the topic from the Montana Television Network.  

Is Steve Bullock (D-MT) a hypocrite?  KXLH-TV anchors posed the question, while capital bureau chief Mike Dennison opened up his piece with this:

“Gov Bullock has been a vocal critic of both corporate dollars, and dark money in politics. The DGA, which he now chairs, raises both.”

Dennison later added: “Gov Bullock wouldn’t talk to us on camera for this story.”


KXLH.com | Helena, Montana

As Bullock raises dark money this weekend, news of layoffs across Montana are beginning to pile up.  Meanwhile, Bozeman businessman and potential gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte has been talking jobs- while Bullock and his operatives try and bash Gianforte for his Christian faith. 

Recent layoffs at Stillwater Mine, layoffs in the Bakken…now- 140 workers lose their job in Whitehall. While Greg…

Posted by Aaron Flint on Friday, September 18, 2015

ABC/Fox Montana: 140 Workers Laid Off at Golden Sunlight Mine in Whitehall

Pink slips were issued to dozens of employees at the Barrick Golden Sunlight Mine in Whitehall with the layoffs to become effective just before the holidays. Officials at the mine fault the declining price of gold as the reason behind the massive job cuts.

About 140 employees at the Barrick Golden Sunlight Mine got the news Wednesday that at the end of November their job will come to an end. Management for Golden Sunlight Mine, which sits above Whitehall, said over the last few years the price of gold has plummeted. The average price currently sells for $1,100 an ounce and that just isn’t cutting it.

The Montana Standard added this:

On Wednesday, Banghart announced about 140 employees of the Whitehall-based mine, which opened in 1982, would be laid off at the end of November. Although workers come from a 60-mile radius, the two communities that will be hardest-hit are Butte and the Jefferson Valley.

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle: Gianforte gives entrepreneurial pep talk on campus

“Entrepreneurship is the new American dream,” the founder of RightNow Technologies said at an Americans for Prosperity Foundation event inside the Strand Union Building. “It used to be home ownership and a car in the garage.”

Gianforte, who filed a statement of candidacy for governor in August, listed 10 reasons why becoming an entrepreneur was good, which included job creation, supporting the community by sharing wealth and creating opportunities for others.

(Note: Outside the event, Democratic party operatives held awkward protest signs trying to bash Gianforte for his Christian beliefs.  One of the signs claimed LGBTQ are “the most evolved”)


It was reported Governor Bullock is bringing his dark money group to Whitefish, Montana this weekend to plot how he can raise more dark money and funnel his dark money into Montana for his re-election.   

The report also verifies Bullock raised $3 million in dark money.
Bullock won’t acknowledge his dark money or speak to the issue: “Governor Bullock wouldn’t talk to us on camera for this story.
Bullock doesn’t want to face reality: He’s raising and spending millions in dark money after preaching against the evils of dark money his entire career.
Bullock lives a double life when it comes to dark money. Here at home he has no problem condemning dark money but then he travels out-of-state and raises and spends millions in dark money.
It gets worse …
Bullock promised: “Dark money won’t be spent to influence elections.
Except, Bullock used his dark money group to spend over $1 million in Pennsylvania to attack Republicans and promote the Democrat Governor, influencing eventual elections.
Bullock also demanded every dark money group in the country “tell us where the check comes from”– quite hypocritical given Bullock won’t disclose who bankrolled his millions in dark money.
It’s only a matter of time before Governor Bullock’s dark money shows up here in Montana to help with his re-election. Bullock doesn’t want to talk about his dark money but Montanans deserve to know the truth: Bullock is raising and spending millions in dark money for his own personal benefit.


Richard Deines

Monday, September 21, 2015 7:25 AM

Bullock, Tester,and the Democrat Political Party are “Mirror” images of Barack Obama’s Administration. They depend on Lies, Deception, and the Ignorance of the American Voter to exist. Example: 60% of Montanan’s oppose what Obama is doing to this Country, yet Tester has supported Obama 96% ???. Democrat Officials loyalties lie within their political party, not with the will of the majority expressed by their constituents.

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