State Senate Gets More Buzz than US Senate for Dems

Aaron Flint posted on September 23, 2013 14:55 :: 29480 Views

It’s pretty sad when potential candidates for the US Senate get less buzz, and less press, than a candidate for the state senate. (Cue up the video from NBC’s The Office as everyone tries to tell Angela: “He’s just a *state* senator”)

That is apparently what happened Friday night, as US Senate candidate Dirk Adams, and the current and former Lt. Governor all spoke to a Democratic party fundraising dinner in Havre.   

The entire first half of this Havre Daily News report didn’t even go to the 2014 US Senate potentials, but instead to a state senator from Chinook:

State Sen. Greg Jergeson — now D-Havre — announced at the Pasma Peck Hill County Democrat fundraising dinner tonight he now has a Havre address and will run for the Montana Senate in 2014.


Well, hopefully the drive to the Democratic party fundraiser was still worth the trip for the Senate hopefuls. 

I wondered where Lt. Gov. Walsh was at on Friday.  He was on the program as a speaker and Honorary Chairman of the Big Sky Honor Flight for their big fundraising banquet on Friday night, but was reportedly unable to attend.  

For those who weren’t able to attend the banquet, hats off to the Honor Flight’s Becky Hillier, Yellowstone County Commissioner Bill Kennedy (D-Billings), and all of the committee members and supporters.  It was an incredible event, and they raised a lot of money to send more Montana World War II veterans back to Washington, DC to see their memorial.    

The speaker, Mike Boettcher with ABC News, also did an incredible job.  I really try not to talk too much about my past service on this blog, but let me just say- as someone who served with the military in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, and as someone who works in broadcast journalism- Mike Boettcher did an incredible job of representing and honoring those in both professions. 

His speech served as a great tribute to the World War II veterans in the room, including Bataan Death March survivor Ben Steel, and to those who continue to serve and have served.  

During his speech, he also played a few very moving clips from his upcoming documentary, The Hornet’s Nest.  Click below to watch the trailer.  Let’s hope for a screening of the full film here in Montana.  

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