Griz Will Cheer for the Cats, Cats Won’t Cheer for the Griz?

Aaron Flint posted on September 01, 2015 15:02 :: 760 Views

Griz fans will root for MSU.  MSU fans will not root for the Griz

In the lead up to the University of Montana v. North Dakota State University game, the Montana Mint asked the question: “Who will Bobcat fans be rooting for?”  After polling the state, we have our answer: probably not the Grizzlies.  Griz fans, on the other hand, overwhelmingly said they would root for the Bobcats in a similar game. 

145 unique sport fans answered the poll – 83 MSU fans and 62 UM fans.  83.9% of University of Montana fans said they would root for the Cats in a non-conference game, putting Montana first.  Just 38.5% of Montana State University fans said they would do the same.  A summary of the results is included below, and the raw data is attached along with this press release.

Results as of 8/31/15

Fan of

Total Results

Montana First











The Montana Mint said: “We connect with thousands of Montanans on a daily basis, and like to use our fans to answer the big questions of life in Montana.  What do these results mean?  We don’t know.  But are they interesting?  Definitely.”  The Montana Mint Superfans, a group of hardcore Montana sports fans, weighed in on the findings.

Bear Tycoon (Griz fan): I never really hated the Bobcats.  Using baseball terms, I think our generation views the rivalry less as the Yankees/Red Sox, and more as the Yankees/Mets.  The Mets definitely view the Yankees as their top rival, and the Yankees view the Mets as a fun local rivalry that doesn’t factor in much to their overall run of success.

Hot Take Nate (Cats fan): I hate the Griz.  Yes, I use the word “hate.”  I hate the color maroon.  I hate Monte.  I hate when the Griz win.  I always will and I will passionately watch their games and cheer as hard for them to lose as I cheer for the Cats to win.

Coach (Cats fan): I always root against the Griz.  I do respect the program they’ve built, but I don’t like em, won’t support em…anytime for life!

Clarence Toole (Griz fan): I absolutely root for MSU when there are no repercussions for UM.  I care about the state of Montana and the efforts generated from within.  There are loads of Montana-made athletes for each team and I want them all to be All-Americans.

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