URGENT: No New Energy Taxes, Coal Appreciation Rally in Billings

Aaron Flint posted on August 05, 2015 14:40 :: 896 Views

For those of you who heard me share the info about the coal appreciation rally in Billings that will take place just before an important listening session by the Department of Interior, here’s the details you asked me to post.


If you are concerned about the Administration’s constant attacks on coal and the impacts it could have on the industry and our communities, here is your chance to take action. The Administration’s ongoing regulatory efforts have impacted coal prices, but now Sec. Jewel’s push to hike the cost of coal leasing royalties is set to deliver another punch – make it more expensive to operate a coal mine and subsequently raise the price of electricity for all consumers.


Since 2008, Montana coal production has generated nearly $1 billion for federal, state and local governments. These funds go to schools, highways and other essential services across the state. 


They want to keep our nation’s most reliable and affordable energy source in the ground by adding back-door taxes and regulating it out of the energy mix. If you think they’ve gone too far and are concerned about how these measures could hurt our industry and communities, sign this petition today and let them know how you feel.


The Bureau of Land Management will be hosting listening sessions open to the public in the coming weeks in locations including Gillette, Billings and Golden, CO.


Take action and CLICK HERE to sign the petition. Be sure to share the link with your friends and family too!


Rally 11:00am Billings Sportsplex

Listening Session 1-4pm Hampton Inn, Lewis and Clark Conference Center



Join us for the Stop New Energy Taxes Rally prior to the listening session on August 11th.



*** Free food, entertainment, and your chance to fight the feds who want to raise taxes on the energy that drives Montana and Wyoming’s economy. Bring your hard hats, boots and gloves!!


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