“Don’t Drone Me Bro”- Someone Please Tell Me Whose Pickup This Is!

Aaron Flint posted on August 18, 2015 15:19 :: 712 Views

All I can think is: “Don’t Drone Me, Bro.”  Can someone please tell me who owns this pickup truck with DC plates? 

You really will have to pick up your own hard copy of the latest National Review magazine in order for this story to get the justice it deserves…

Check out this pickup truck that National Review’s Senior Editor Jay Nordlinger came across in Washington, DC. As you can see, the driver very clearly appears to be a liberal from Missoula, Montana.  But, you’ll also notice a willingness to take shots at Bush and Obama alike.   

Photo courtesy National Review.

National Review:  A world of bumper stickers

You Can’t Hug a Child with Nuclear Arms, read one sticker. True, you can’t. But maybe a nuclear deterrent would help keep you and your child in the hugging business? Arms Are for Hugging, went a variation on this theme. And then there was One Nuclear Bomb Can Ruin Your Whole Day. Yes — which never led these folks to support missile defense, frustratingly. Indeed, they had a sticker that said, Don’t Militarize the Heavens.

Get a hard copy of National Review for the hilarious column in full.  In the meantime, can you identify the pickup truck driver? If so, send ’em my direction.  I’d love to chat with ’em!

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