Civil Disobedience: Montanans Sledding on Capitol Hill (Pics)

Aaron Flint posted on March 06, 2015 09:05 :: 1493 Views

You see that?  That’s the face of freedom!  That’s the face of victory!  ‘Merica!

That’s one of the sons of Montana State University alum, and Missoula native, Lyndsey Medsker, who defied the orders of Capitol Police in order to enjoy some wintertime fun on one of the few hills around- Capitol Hill.  

Medkser’s family was one of several who slid past authorities with a little civil disobedience, getting picked up by several national news outlets- including CBS News.  

CBS News: How Capitol Hill sledders flouted the law–and won

After Congress left town and snow showers arrived Thursday, children and adults descended, toting their sleds to make use of the literal hill at the Capitol. The Capitol police tried to turn them away.

It was the latest episode in the District of Columbia’s ongoing snow saga, where sledders have repeatedly faced off against Capitol police over the sledding ban.

Lyndsey Medsker, a public affairs specialist, brought her two young sons to the slopes Thursday. Her family had tried two weeks ago to sled down Capitol Hill during Washington’s last snowstorm. But Medsker’s children, Finley and Atley, were only able to get a couple of runs in before Capitol Police ordered them to disperse.

She organized the “Sled-In” after hearing that her online petition had failed to sway Capitol Police.

The Montana Mint can now add this to the list of why Montanans are badasses…

From The Atlantic:  Sledding as a Revolutionary Act; The children who defied the rules to play in the snow on Capitol Hill stand in a grand American tradition.

Thursday was not the first time American children have confronted self-important security forces encroaching on their fun. Back in 1775, on the eve of the American Revolution, the schoolboys of Boston had to contend with the red-coated British soldiers quartered in their city.

Their favorite sled-run, carefully constructed each winter, ran from Sherburn’s Hill down to School Street. It went directly past the residence of General Frederick Haldimand, whose servant deemed the slick, packed snow a threat to his safety. He scattered hot ashes, melting the sled run, ignoring the protests and pleas of the boys, and spoiling the route.

Then, as now, the children decided to protest. The boys elected a committee, and dispatched it to wait upon the general. Met at the door by his servant, they insisted on speaking with the general himself. The chairman of the committee laid out their case, as the astonished general listened. They, and their fathers before them, had used the land as a sled run, the boys explained. Reason carried the day. The general ordered his servant to fix the damage.

And they weren’t the only Montanans in Washington, DC.. 

Montana rancher Whitney Klasna was visiting Washington DC this week on behalf of WIFE, Women Involved in Farm Economics, and told me this:

Washington, DC is shut down because of snow…and yet the Montana offices are open on the Hill! We are enroute to Senator Daines’ office for a meeting!

As they should have, of course…anyone in the Montana delegation would get grilled for shutting down over a little snow.

Shannon Peterson of Billings (Circle, MT  native) was also there representing architects across the state:  (Congrats to Shannon on making The Billings Gazette 40 Under Forty list by the way)

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