MT Dems Last Minute Hail Mary Pass Falls Flat

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“Nothing short of spectacular”…”a superstar”…”excels at leading the largest command in Naval Special Warfare.”  Those are just some of the words in Navy fitness reports released by US House candidate and former Navy SEAL Ryan Zinke, after Montana Democrats have been attempting to bash Zinke’s service. 

The only negative in his record? The fact that he was trying to promote Montana as a training ground for SEAL Team 6, and something that Zinke already discussed several months ago.  And even after all that, the same fitness report still recommended Zinke for early promotion. 

Chuck Johnson had the story:  Zinke releases Navy personnel records

The rest of his June 1999 fitness report comments include descriptions of Zinke’s performance such as “(d)ynamic decisive and intelligent. Excels at the most complex taskings and assignments.”

It said Zinke was singled out for “a nothing short of spectacular performance”…Zinke was recommended in that same report for early promotion in the fitness report…A July 2004 fitness report called Zinke a “brilliant” chief staff officer “who excels at leading the largest command in Naval Special Warfare. In my 28 years of active duty, nobody does it better or with more enthusiasm, integrity and courageous leadership. … A superstar.”




Tuesday, October 28, 2014 1:51 PM

Absolutely crazy that the MT Democrats are trying to manipulate Zinke’s stellar military career – and doing it without any consequences – Zinke is the real deal – you don’t get into this elite level of our military without putting your life on the line on an extremely frequent basis. Zinke achieved what few Americans ever will – and the Democrats will get a pass for trying to diminish his career – by the way, I don’t recall a Montana Democratic Party press release expressing their disappointment with Sen. Walsh’s deception. Shameful!

Ronald Hanrahan

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 2:46 PM

The Democrats have become a parody of themselves. While they completely disregarded anything that John Lewis had to do with writing Obamacare, they completely wasted their time trying to dishonor the career of an honorable veteran. Quite frankly, Democrats should be ashamed of themselves.

vinny in Livingston

Wednesday, October 29, 2014 8:26 AM

I was leaning towards voting for Fellows , but after seeing these fitness reports, how could I not vote for Zinke.
Thanks for the info, Dems!

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