MT Dems Deteriorate During US House Debate

Aaron Flint posted on October 06, 2014 13:41 :: 1425 Views

I think you can now say that the Leftists in Montana have officially lost it.  And I’m not just talking about some of their overzealous followers via Twitter- I’m talking about actual messages being sent out from Montana Democratic Party leaders. 

Ryan Zinke, a former commander at SEAL Team 6, opened up Saturday night’s US House debate by saying that his greatest accomplishment was marrying his wife.  And to that, Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Andrea Marcoccio jumped in from way out in left field and lost it:


He praises his wife and all of a sudden he “places women in different categories?”  Unbelievable.  The desperation is really starting to fester. You’d think absentee ballots were going in the mail today or something.

According to most news reports, Democrat John Lewis (D-Helena) still did not have a good answer when it comes to his support for Obamacare:  

Lee Newspapers: Lewis, Zinke debate federal budget, health care, global warming

Zinke blasted the Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare,” which he has accused Lewis as helping write as an aide to Baucus, a claim Lewis has disputed. Zinke said it was Lewis’ job as Baucus’ state director to make sure the values and interests of Montanans were reflected in that bill.
“When concerned Montana businesses called, what were they told?” Zinke said. “They were told, ‘You know what, don’t grow your business past 50 (employees). Make sure you don’t employ your employees more than 30 hours.’ That hurts business, that hurts every family. As a state director, that’s your responsibility.”

Lewis said if Zinke wants to see the Affordable Care Act repealed, the Republican should outline what his plan will be to provide health insurance for the millions of uninsured Americans, including 179,000 Montanans.

Zinke said in his closing, “This election is about whether you think the policies of Barack Hussein Obama are correct. … A vote for my opponent is a vote for the policies of this president.”

Here’s more reaction from the left: 

Conner was about the only reasonable one on the left…all you have to do is look at the #MTPol hashtag on Twitter and you will see that it was filled with this type of hateful rhetoric from Montana Dems:

This one isn’t hateful, but it sure is funny:

Here’s what caught my eye from the right:


I didn’t make the debate…I had something much more important going on:

Sorry I’m not at the #mtal debate… but it’s a Miles City Saturday night #mtpol

— Aaron Flint (@aaronflint) October 5, 2014

Meanwhile, the liberal Billings Gazette editorial board took a break from their Catholic bashing and endorsed Lewis for the US House seat.

Gazette opinion: Lewis best prepared for Montana’s House job

In response, Randy Vogel, a staffer for the Zinke campaign, had this to say in the comments section:

• Zinke is not an extreme environmentalist, therefore he’s not a viable candidate. Zinke does not understand common core, therefore the gazette doesn’t like him, and so on. Using those standards and the others you opined about, Amanda Curtis will surely be your candidate choice for Senate. You’ve allowed Lewis to take credit for a couple of his bosses tax bills, but not taken any responsibility for his train wrecks. Typical of a liberal mindset.

Vogel also made a great point about the environmental extremism of Lewis- pointing to his support for efforts like the so-called Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act and Sen. Jon Tester’s (D-MT) wilderness bill which would shut off Montanans access to public lands. 

With the retirement of Sen. Baucus (D-MT), the RMF Heritage Act is dead in the water.  The only thing that could salvage that bill now would be Republicans “stealing defeat from of the jaws of victory” and supporting the legislation. That’s something to which their party would pay a price among farmers, ranchers, outdoorsmen, and those who support natural resource development for decades to come. 


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