PIC: The Backdrop of the Amanda Curtis Senate Campaign

This is apparently not Amanda Curtis’ actual car, but I take it she and her campaign team thought it would make a good backdrop for a photo opp press event in Missoula.  Curtis is the Democratic Party’s US Senate candidate in Montana.  

I think my favorite is the Obama sticker with the peace sign used as the O.  That prompted one of my friends to say, “What did Obama just speak about last week?”

The photo is actually credit to KGVO radio’s Jon King, who posted this to NewstalkKGVO.com:  U.S. Senate Candidate Amanda Curtis Talks About Social Security, the 2nd Amendment and ISIS in Missoula

Curtis, who spoke on behalf of Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors against Illegal Guns campaign in 2013 now says she has nothing to do with Bloomberg.

“I have nothing to do with Bloomberg,” Curtis said. “I am a strong defender of the 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms, and if anyone was coming to take your guns away from you, I would be on your doorstep defending you.”

On war with ISIS:

When asked if the U.S. needed a formal declaration of war before engaging with Islamic State, Curtis said “no” and followed up by saying “ISIS needs to be taken care of, and it’s going to happen.” 



Wednesday, September 17, 2014 12:37 PM

So Curtis supports bans against illegal guns in NYC, but not illegal immigrants in the USA? Seems like and interesting line in the sand. Gun owners don’t cost the tax payers, but Illegal aliens cost us hundreds of billions per year.

Aaron Flint

Wednesday, September 17, 2014 12:42 PM

FYI, The Montana GOP just posted this press release:

Amanda Curtis can’t keep her story straight on guns

Yesterday, Amanda Curtis was thrilled to have the opportunity to “set the record straight” for Montanans about her views on the Second Amendment.

“I am a strong defender of the Second Amendment right to bear arms.” Then doubling down she said, “And if anyone was coming to take your guns away from you, I would be on your doorstep defending you.”

And when asked about her support for liberal New Yorker Michael Bloomberg’s efforts to restrict Montanans’ Second Amendment rights, Curtis quickly stated “I have nothing to do with Bloomberg!”

To quote Curtis – “REALLY?!?”

As a representative in the Montana state legislature, Curtis voted against gun rights 23 out of 24 times, earning her a 2.6% rating — “well below F-, if there is such a thing”– from the Montana Shooting Sports Association (MSSA).

And just last year, Curtis spoke at a gun control rally organized by Mayors Against Illegal Guns which is “founded and funded by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg” in support of expanding background checks and against gun owners’ right to privacy.

Bloomberg’s gun control organization advocates for requiring gun owners to pass a background check before purchasing a weapon, banning semi-automatic weapons for recreational use, and would take away law-abiding Montanans constitutional right to bear arms and protect their families in self-defense.

Curtis can try to rewrite history, but Montanans know that facts can be stubborn things. Montanans won’t be fooled by Curtis’s futile attempts to hide her extreme, anti-Second Amendment record.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014 4:11 PM

A “hellary” AND an “obama” sticker?
When it comes to statists like curtis, seems like some people just never get tired of being wrong.

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