Montana Hunters Being Stalked by Convicted Eco-Terrorist

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A convicted eco-terrorist is stalking Montana hunters.  Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks has a piece in their Montana Outdoors magazine asking where all the elk are at- and asks if hunters are to blame.  Meanwhile, a state game warden is detained by tribal authorities, and the tribal president isn’t commenting.   

Montana Media Trackers: Convicted Eco-Terrorist Leads “Yellowstone Wolf Patrol” in Montana

Rod Coronado, a convicted eco-terrorist, is the leader of the controversial “Yellowstone Wolf Patrol,” a new environmental group that plans to shadow legal Montana wolf hunters during the state’s fall and winter wolf season and document the hunts with a video camera.

Coronado, a resident of Michigan, is a radical environmentalist who “sank whaling ships nearly 30 years ago in Iceland and later went to prison after torching a Michigan State University lab in 1992 for conducting research during the fur industry” according to The Buffalo News of Buffalo, NY.  He also serves as a spokesman for the radical, militant environmental group Earth Liberation Front (ELF).

When asked by 60 Minutes why ELF would burn down buildings, Coronado responded: “It’s simply because after years of rescuing animals from laboratories, it was heartbreaking to see those buildings and those cages refilled within the following days. And for that reason, arson has become a necessary tool.”

From The Missoulian: Montana wolf hunt begins; activists shadow hunters

Activists opposed to killing wolves outside Yellowstone National Park said Monday they were shadowing outfitters in a wilderness area next to the park.

Rod Coronado with the recently-formed Yellowstone Wolf Patrol says the group’s members will use a video camera to document any wolves killed to raise public awareness.

As most Montanans would argue that wolves are to blame for the depredation of elk- Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks asks in their latest Montana Outdoors magazine: Where Are All the Elk? FWP researchers found them. Now they’re trying to figure out how to get the animals back onto public land.

The piece quotes Bozeman-based FWP research scientist Kelly Proffitt:

“It’s basically a risk analysis by elk. They
generally prefer to go down to private land
with limited hunting access rather than stay
in forests where vegetation may be more
sparse and hunting pressure is greater.”

I got a great call during our statewide radio talk show, Voices of Montana, from a lady named Shelly who is a rancher in Fallon, Montana.  She said the elk likely prefer the better grass that is provided on ranch land thanks to grazing and better land management efforts.  (But then again, why would the government want to admit that the federal mismanagement of our lands could also be hurting wildlife habitat?)

Meanwhile, a tribal president is not commenting, after a state game warden was detained by tribal officials over the weekend:

After declining to comment on Fort Belknap tribal officials’ detention of a Montana game warden for 5 ½ hours on Saturday, tribal president Mark Azure released a statement to the press on Tuesday.

“I have received several inquiries regarding Fish and Game related issues on the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation over the weekend,” the statement said. “The matters over which inquiries have been made involve criminal justice information over which an ongoing investigation is being conducted. Because of that status, it would be inappropriate for my office to comment at this time. Therefore, I will not be answering inquiries about these events at this time. Should the status of the matter change, my office will issue a press release to respond to inquiries.”

Mel in Whitehall

Wednesday, September 17, 2014 4:59 PM

Can someone please get the actual figures of herd counts out here in the public? And, can the previous years figures for big game lic sales vs filled lic reports be added to that data dump.? Why is it so hard to get factual information out of our state govt?.. And, while you are at it, get the wolf head count over the past 10 years too! Can anyone else see the “graphs” already… wolf count climbs UP to the right, Elk/Moose/Deer counts fall DOWNWARD to the right…left to right being old to new years… GET A GRIP, our wolves have eaten good and our hunters have failed to fill those expensive lic they paid for with “external dollars” as out of state inflow is called.

In Jefferson County alone, we are seeing a 60 to 75% reduction in wild game counts with out own eyes!.. They are NOT all just moving to other lands…we see those private lands too — they are not there!..

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