A Tale of Two Endorsements in Montana’s US House Race

Aaron Flint posted on July 11, 2014 11:42 :: 1157 Views

You’ve got a SEAL Team 6 veteran, Ryan Zinke, endorsed by the US Chamber of Commerce- representing businesses across the country.  Or, you’ve got a career staffer to Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT), John Lewis, endorsed by a radical environmental group that opposes the Keystone XL pipeline.  Take your pick.  

That’s basically what Tyler Houlton with the National Republican Congressional Committee had to say: 

One quick note before the weekend. Navy SEAL and successful small businessman Ryan Zinke was endorsed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce this week while Washington insider and top aide to the ‘chief architect’ of Obamacare John Lewis was endorsed by a radical anti-energy special interest group. The group is so out of touch with reality they oppose the Keystone XL pipeline and actually believe China is a global leader in clean energy. Enough said.

The Montana GOP added:

The League of Conservation Voters (LCV), an extreme environmental interest group known for their job-killing policy tactics has endorsed John Lewis in the race for Montana’s only Congressional seat.

The group has consistently opposed job creation, including the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. But the groups’ efforts to stop job creation don’t stop at Keystone XL—they extend to all types of fossil fuel based energy production. The LCV has also supported efforts made by the Sierra Club to force the closure of coal-fired power plants in Montana and across the nation.

Separately, Democrats have been desperately filing complaints against Zinke, alleging illegal campaign coordination.  But how is this for coordination? 

Montana Media Trackers: MT Dems Display Hypocrisy on Illegal Coordination

Watt failed to mention that the Democrat candidate in the same U.S. House race is working closely with outside groups.

As documented by Media Trackers, Democrat John Lewis’ campaign was developed, launched, and is being actively managed by controversial political consulting firm Hilltop Public Solutions, which is currently under investigation due to previous accusations of illegal coordination.

Hilltop is the target of an ongoing Montana Commissioner of Political Practices investigation over alleged illegal coordination between principals at Hilltop, third party subsidiary organizations operated by Hilltop, and the Hilltop-managed 2012 election campaign of Montana Governor Steve Bullock (D).


Roll Call: NRCC Touts 11 More ‘Young Gun’ Candidates

The National Republican Congressional Committee promoted 11 more candidates to ‘Young Gun’ status Tuesday morning, elevating their campaigns to the highest level of the program that provides organizational and fundraising support in top House contests.

•Former state Sen. Ryan Zinke, who faces former Capitol Hill aide John Lewis in Montana’s At-Large District. This is an open-seat race because GOP Rep. Steve Daines is running for Senate. (Rating: Republican Favored)

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