Ken Miller Defends Daines Vote That Ended Shutdown

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As I mentioned on Monday’s Voices of Montana statewide radio talk show, former conservative state senator and gubernatorial candidate Ken Miller (R-Laurel) says the vote by Congressman Steve Daines which effectively ended the government shutdown was the “prudent” course to take.   

Below is the full email from Ken Miller.

E-mail from Ken Miller

Congressman Steve Daines has received criticism for his recent vote on the government shutdown and increasing the debt ceiling. I too was very disappointed that he voted for the Continuing Resolution CR2014 to fund government operations and increase the debt ceiling.

Montanans voted by nearly 70 percent in the last election to not allow Obamacare to be forced upon us.  Senators Baucus and Tester, along with Governor Bullock and State Auditor Monica Lindeen, continue to thumb their noses at Montanans, ignoring LR-122 and imposing Obamacare on us.  Congressman Daines has always, and will continue to support the overwhelming wishes of Montana citizens and fight for abiding by LR-122.
We have a president that is willing to spend money to ban 90-year-old veterans from their memorial, while also spending money to keep his golf course open.  (Obama’s golf course remains open)

Our president has showed us that he is willing to punish Americans if he doesn’t get his way, just like a playground bully. 

Congressman Daines voted for numerous resolutions to “open” government operations (HR’s Daines supported) only to have the Senate, with the president’s urging, reject them.  Do not be fooled, the shutdown debacle was the President’s doing.
It would not have harmed our credit rating if the debt limit had remained the same, unless the president decided not to continue to pay the interest on the debt. (Fact check on the issue)  Yes, the “Full Faith and Credit Act” tells the President, “you must pay the interest on the debt,” but we have witnessed again and again that the President is not concerned with staying within his “balance of power” role.  If the President led as a statesman instead of as a bully, it could have been an opportunity to curb the reckless entitlement spending, and delay, change, or abolish Obamacare.  This would have generated jobs and ultimately saved our country from the financial wreck that we are destined for if we don’t change direction soon.  Our AAA credit rating is at a dangerously high level of being lost, not because of an artificial “debt limit” but because of our continued deficit spending. 

Because Americans can’t count on the President to act like a statesman, I understand why Congressman Daines voted to not allow the President to harm America with the debt ceiling deadline and the government shutdown.  Congressman Daines had very legitimate concerns that standing up to the bully under the existing situation could have been very harmful to others, i.e. Montanans.   He chose instead to take on the fight when the odds were in favor of the people, instead of the playground bully.

We saw the President barricading open-air memorials and deliberately inflicting pain on Americans to leverage the effect of the partial government shutdown.  There were strong concerns that the President would do the same with payments on the national debt and force a default by stopping debt service.

Congressman Daines’ vote was not the vote I would have liked, but in reality, it was the prudent vote at this time to protect the American people, including Montanans, from a bully.



Tuesday, October 29, 2013 10:31 AM

I think Congressman Daines is basically a good man and cares what happens to Montana.That is more than what I can say about Tester or Baukus they are both Obama Yes men. Ken Miller Was right on target regarding Obamas’recent actions and his portrail of a school yard Bully and “I’ll show them” attitude. Look for more of this in the future we just got a small taste of what’s to come.I just read today about the current scandal regarding phone tapping forign country line. Of course Obama says he knows NOTHING about it…Really? How much more do we have to tolerate from this JOKER? All those who voted for Obama, are you sure you did the right thing NOW?


Tuesday, October 29, 2013 3:42 PM

Danies voted with Pelosi for more government spending a higher debt. We have enough big government conservatives in Washington.

lousia Olafson

Thursday, October 31, 2013 7:13 AM

Good morning; I think Rep. Daines did the right thing in voting the way he did, You sure can’t please everyone thats for sure.
It was Obama’s mess he started it when he would not talk with the republican party, he never really did, So wake up America?. He is the president its up to him. And why not a budget,? that is getting old on and on it goes. To many power hungry Libs.
So where will it end, we all talk lots but nothing being done.
And America loses more of its freedom everyday. Thanks

Mel Frost

Thursday, October 31, 2013 4:18 PM

The “Congress” has a voting system that ALLOWS votes to be changed…right up until the end second!
So…if Steve intended to “give in to Obama”, ie: NOT allow the debt ceiling to finally crash down…no more funny book keeping, etc… Then I ask:
WHY, with over 80 votes ABOVE the margin needed, did he feel that he HAD TO LEAVE HIS STAMP OF APPROVAL ON THIS CAN KICK DOWN THE ROAD AT THIS TIME???… He could have changed his vote to a NAY, once 10-20 others’ were in place…it wouldn’t/didn’t change the outcome of the vote, did it? This smells like politics of the RINO variety of the first water!… NOT what we sent him to Washington for/to do…nor, what we polled for him during that tele townhall, which was 83% to “shut-er-down” now…

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