The Shifting Numbers of Medicaid Expansion

Aaron Flint posted on February 28, 2013 14:38 :: 1066 Views

Dr. Brad Anderson takes a scalpel to Obamacare as he looks at the US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) for The American Spectator

Here’s a summary from his Montana Headlines blog:

As readers of this website know, I am a mild-mannered urologic surgeon by day and an occasional intrepid blogger and free-lance writer by night. Here in Montana, as is true in most parts of the country, we urologists are in short supply and have more work than we can handle, so I don’t view the USPSTF’s findings as an existential threat to my profession in the way that some of my more counterparts in saturated urban markets do. Any doctor who doesn’t want to find that certain tests and treatments are unnecessary — well, let’s just say that is someone I wouldn’t want to be my doctor. I disagree that prostate cancer screening is unnecessary, but I do believe that treatment should be done more selectively.

The larger point, and the reason I chose to write about it, is that this is an example of a government agency having some correct information but drawing the kind of wrong conclusion that only an impersonal committee can. Anyway, welcome to medical care dictated by impersonal committees. With Obamacare we will only get more of the same — unless, of course, “we” are elites (like the President) who will be exempt from its strictures.

Meanwhile, chalk this up as the tweet of the week

Just how many people will be covered by the Medicaid expansion under Obamacare in Montana?  40,000- 50,000- 60,000- 70,000….as Montana Media Trackers shows, the number has changed with nearly every Lee Newspaper report from the Governor’s office.  Click their link to see all the numbers and all the reports. 

With solid numbers like these, how could Montana legislators ever have any concerns about impacts to Montana’s budget down the road?

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