NRA Targeting Baucus on Gun Control

Aaron Flint posted on February 21, 2013 16:25 :: 1493 Views

As notes, the NRA is running ads against Democrats seeking re-election in 2014, including Senator Max Baucus (D-MT).

Here’s the story from Roll Call:

On Thursday, full-page ads are scheduled to run in local newspapers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Maine, North Carolina and West Virginia. They will be supplemented by digital advertising in these states and 10 others, including Alaska, Colorado, Montana, New Hampshire and South Dakota.

Meanwhile, Thursday’s Politico Playbook notes a digital campaign targeting Baucus by the National Republican Senatorial Committee:

NRSC LAUNCHING TODAY: The #ObamaChallenge, “a digital/social media campaign to pressure Dem Senators/Leaders to bring the Obama Agenda up for debate if they are really behind it – which would put 2014 vulnerbles like Mary Landrieu, Kay Hagan, Tim Johnson, Max Baucus, Mark Begich in a pretty rough spot.”

Politico Playbook earlier in the week also noted an effort by Baucus to press for tax reform:

THE YEAR AHEAD – “Baucus, Camp pressing on with Tax Code overhaul,” by Jake Sherman and Steven Sloan : “The two powerful committee chairmen are moving full-speed ahead with plans to overhaul the Tax Code despite the fact that nearly everyone in Washington thinks such major reform is very unlikely this year. [Rep. Dave] Camp, a Republican and chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, and [Sen. Max] Baucus, the head of the Senate Finance Committee, are dancing a tango. … Last week, Camp unveiled 11 … bipartisan working groups aimed at a Tax Code overhaul on subjects ranging from small business to energy. … Baucus and other Finance Committee members are working feverishly to develop tax reform option papers or draft legislation that can be circulated in the spring. And Baucus plans to meet weekly soon with Democratic Sens. Patty Murray of Washington state and Barbara Mikulski of Maryland, leaders of the Senate Budget and Appropriations committees, respectively. … Lobbyists say they are telling their clients that tax reform is in the offing in a bid to seal pricey contracts to protect precious tax preferences and loopholes. …’

In other words….lobbyists- get out your checkbooks.  Somebody is seeking campaign contributions for their 2014 campaign. 

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