Tester Opposed to Boehner’s “Plan B”

Aaron Flint posted on December 19, 2012 16:12 :: 872 Views

Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) is strongly opposed to Speaker John Boehner’s (R-OH) “Plan B” when it comes to the fiscal cliff talks.  Now, before you start jumping up and down and think that this means Sen. Tester is opposed to the tax hikes in Boehner’s plan- as Gov. Schweitzer (D-MT might say: “Hold on, Cowboy.”  Tester is apparently opposing Boehner’s plan because he wants taxes to be raised even further, at least according to a “behind closed doors” synopsis of his lunchtime talk in D.C. 

Poltico had the story:

“Everyone should understand Boehner’s proposal will not pass the Senate, not as a last ditch,” Reid, a Nevada Democrat, said after the meeting. “The most pronounced statement we had during the caucus today was from Jon Tester, and everyone clapped when he finished. We’re not going there.”

I wonder- will Senator Tester give the same passionate talk against Boehner’s plan on the airwaves back here in Montana?  He’s got an open invite to use my statewide show to do it.     

What exactly does Boehner’s “Plan B” entail?  The Washington Times offers these details:

Faced with few good options, Mr. Boehner said Tuesday he would write a bill that would extend the Bush-era income tax rates for all but those with incomes above $1 million, who would see their rate rise from 35 percent to 39.6 percent.

He said that would reach 99.8 percent of all taxpayers.

Those making $1 million or more would also see tax cuts extended on their income up to $1 million, but would pay the higher rate on all income over that level.

While we’re on the US Senate.  Here’s my pick for a political quote of the week.  Breitbart.com notes a “racialist” guest opinion column in The New York Times calling the only black US Senator a Republican “token.” 

…the media and left will never allow the GOP to lose its “white guy” image, even when you have a female Indian GOP governor appointing a black Republican to the United States Senate. If conservativism itself is deemed a “white guy” belief-system by the media and left, then all conservatives are white guys — even female Indian governors and black Republicans appointed to the U.S. Senate.

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