Tales from the Trail, Gov Campaigns for Obama

Aaron Flint posted on October 31, 2012 12:26 :: 6878 Views

Democratic Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer has sounded fairly critical of President Obama’s policies when speaking back here in Montana.  The Governor was even featured on CNN where he pointed out that Obama and Congress would be a drag on federal candidates here in Montana.

You would hardly know about any of that criticism if you were over on the campaign trail in Iowa this week. 

TheGazette.com has this:

Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer said America has gone “from the brink” of economic disaster in September 2008 when Lehman Brothers “went broke” and much of the economy teetered toward financial depression to a situation where manufacturing jobs are coming back, farmers are getting $7 a bushel for corn and $15 a bushel for soybeans, and demand for U.S. permits to drill new oil and gas wells is quadrupling and creating waiting lists.

“This is the best it’s ever been in farm country,” he said.

WHO-TV has more details on the bus tour Schweitzer is taking part in:

The latest tour began Tuesday morning in front of the State Capitol Building.

Former Lt. Gov. Patty Judge joined DNC Vice Chair and Minneapolis mayor RT Rybak, along with Gov. Brian Schweitzer of Montana for the kickoff of the tour.

The real ringer; however, comes from this article posted at Omaha.com, where the Governor claimed Obama has been good for gun rights.  The remark is especially odd given the fact that had Obama’s Supreme Court nominees gotten their way, gun rights would have been dealt their most significant blow in years.    

In Council Bluffs, Schweitzer touted the president’s economic performance of 31 consecutive months of job growth in the private sector, higher prices for farmers, withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and establishment of a timetable for troops to leave Afghanistan.

Schweitzer, a hunter, also said Obama has been good for gun owners.

“This president has expanded gun rights,” he said. “This president has supported habitat for wildlife.”

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