Occupy Montana Becomes a Business

Aaron Flint posted on October 31, 2012 15:20 :: 858 Views

Despite their core anti-profit belief, Occupy Montana and Occupy Missoula have now become for-profit entities.  Montana Media Trackers has the story

Occupy Missoula and Occupy Montana, which stormed onto the scene last year calling for an end to corporate greed and the excesses of capitalism, are now businesses registered with the Montana Secretary of State’s Office. Both groups are now listed as “event management business entities.”

Since the breakup of the encampment, both Occupy Missoula and Occupy Montana have lent themselves to several progressive causes across Montana, most notably seeking to prevent BNSF Railway and Montana Rail Link from shipping coal through Southern Montana.

Occupy Butte also held a recent rally in Butte where they said, well….something

Meanwhile, Montana Media Trackers also says that George Soros’ family money is being funnelled to Planned Parenthood in support of Democratic candidates in Montana. 

According to filings with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and the Montana Office of Political Practices, PPAM is entirely funded from a $97,070 check from Planned Parenthood Votes (PPV), a registered national Super PAC, for the purposes of political activity in the state.

In the same month that it distributed the cash to PPAM, PPV received a $250,000 contribution from Jonathan Soros, a $500,000 contribution from Andrea Soros Colombel, and a $100,000 contribution from Melissa Soros – totaling $850,000 in contributions from the Soros family alone.

Click here for a list of some of the candidates being funded by the group.

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