Great Backyard Pics of Grizzly in the Flathead

Aaron Flint posted on October 11, 2012 14:52 :: 1094 Views

Here’s a grizzly that is looking to be plum full ahead of winter in Northwest Montana. 

The below pictures come to us courtesy of Bob Muth, who lives in the Flathead, and recently spotted the grizzly in his backyard.   The photos show the before, after, and nighttime images of a grizzly snacking on Muth’s plum tree.  (h/t Matt Desch, KJJR Radio, Bee Broadcasting)

Bob told us of his excitement in seeing the pictures via e-mail.  “There are things that cannot be put into words, said Muth.”  “And the aura surrounding a wild grizzly bear is at the top of the list. Grizzlies are mythical, mystical, and magnificent creatures. We are blessed to live in a place large enough and wise enough to be part of this breathtaking animal’s recovery from the road to extermination…thanks to farsighted conservationists and the Endangered Species Act.”

“On a personal note,” Muth added,  “Laurie and I feel that a few destroyed fruit trees are a small price to pay to be able to witness the great bear’s return. However, with the help of Tim Manley (FWP) and Defenders of Wildlife, we have installed electric fencing around our farmstead and barnyard hoping to discourage the bears from becoming dependent of a food source that can only end badly for the bears.”

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