Reid’s “Eleventh Hour Attempt” to Help Tester

Aaron Flint posted on September 21, 2012 13:18 :: 1064 Views

Harry Reid is so desperate to cling to power as Majority Leader in the US Senate, that he is willing to do anything to give a boost and make Democratic Senator Jon Tester look like he might be effective. 

Here’s the headline from The Hill: “Partisan Gamesmanship Prevents Senate From Leaving Town”

Here’s an excerpt from the story:

In an eleventh-hour attempt to help a vulnerable incumbent – Montana Democrat Jon Tester – Senate Democrats say they will insist on a vote on Tester’s bill to ease restrictions on hunters and sportsmen before Congress adjourns for the elections.

Tester is facing a tight re-election contest against his challenger, GOP Rep. Denny Rehberg. A Tester victory would help Reid in his quest to maintain hold of the Majority Leader’s office.

The New York Times is tracking a similar narrative:

Congress’s expected departure for the campaign trail was held up on Thursday by the political fortunes of two senators battling for survival, Scott P. Brown, Republican of Massachusetts, and Jon Tester, Democrat of Montana.

The Capitol Hill exits were barred by four pieces of legislation entangled in a nasty Senate fight: a stopgap spending bill to keep the government financed through March; a measure by Senator Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky, to cut off aid to Pakistan, Egypt and Libya; a companion bill to further isolate Iran; and finally a Tester hunting bill that Democrats hope will further his re-election bid.

Why does Tester need so much help with sportsmen?  This letter to the editor explains it all.

Anyone paying the most remote attention to the Rehberg-Tester senate race is aware of the fact that the Rehberg campaign continues to tout Tester’s voting 95% of the time with President Obama.  Just how unpopular is Obama in Montana?  Well, maybe this sign in front of a Billings business can give you an indication: (h/t Karen Gallagher, Mighty 790 KGHL Radio)



Guest opinion column at  How AARP’s support for ObamaCare was bought and paid for.

The420Times: New Radio Ad Attacks Bill Limiting Medical Marijuana

September 18, 2012 – Helena, MT) A radio ad airing statewide beginning today uses the voice of state Senator Larry Jent (D-Bozeman) to urge voters to reject Senate Bill 423, the new “repeal and destroy” medical marijuana law passed by the 2011 Montana Legislature, it was announced today.

In the ad, Jent admits that the Legislature’s final vote in the 2011 session was actually intended to functionally repeal (rather than fix) the state medical marijuana law adopted by voters. “And it worked,” Jent concludes.

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Bullock, Hill Race for Governor Within Margin of Error:

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