Gov Says Obama Will Hurt Tester, Gillan

Aaron Flint posted on September 05, 2012 17:31 :: 1054 Views

Governor Brian Schweitzer (D-MT) is making the rounds with the media at the Democratic National Convention.  We’ve heard the Governor mention in the past that President Obama isn’t going to help Montana Democrats this Fall, however this is the strongest words I think I’ve heard him use in that regard.

Gov. Schweitzer to CNN (Video below):

President Obama is not going to help any candidate in Montana.  If you are a congressional candidate in Montana and you’re a Democrat- it’s gonna hurt you.  But if you’re running for Governor in Montana you can be completely separate from those skunks back in Washington, DC.  You don’t have to pay any attention to them at all, everybody knows that a Democrat in Montana has nothing in common with that smell in Washington. 

 (h/t Chris Shipp via Twitter)

Plus, what about 2016, or 2014 for that matter?  A new poll from Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling says Montanans don’t want the Gov to run for President, but would support him if he did.  Meanwhile, he would also take out Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) in a primary fight. (h/t Bob Brigham)

Montanans do not want Brian Schweitzer to run for president in 2016, but if he did, they would vote for him.  55% think he should not run, and only 26% think he should. 

If he wanted to shoot for a different federal office, Schweitzer would also prevail in a Senate primary against Max Baucus if the vote were held two years early.  At this point, 48% of Democratic primary voters prefer Schweitzer and 37% the incumbent.

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