Unions Scramble to Help Dem Gov Candidates

Aaron Flint posted on August 08, 2012 07:57 :: 1467 Views

With Democrats on defense in eight gubernatorial races across the country, unions are scrambling to help, according to this report posted at NJ.com.

Despite the union jobs that are often found in the energy, natural resource, and transportation sectors, national labor groups apparently plan to spend money in support of Democratic candidate Steve Bullock, even though Bullock voted against developing the Otter Creek Coal Tracts.    

Labor leaders say they’re also planning to put resources into Montana, where Attorney General Steve Bullock is challenging GOP Rep. Rick Hill for the seat being vacated by retiring Democratic Gov. Brian Schweitzer. Montana hasn’t been at the center of the national battle over labor rights, but unions would like to see Bullock win the seat to block controversial bills from Republicans who now hold majorities in both chambers of the legislature.

Bullock still maintains a significant lead when it comes to cash on hand, but that shouldn’t be a problem for Hill in November. 

Politico’s David Catanese had this in his latest monthly wrapup of the gubernatorial races across the country:

Former GOP Rep. Rick Hill kept pace with Democratic Attorney General Steve Bullock in the first post-primary fundraising spree, but Bullock still holds a hefty cash-on-hand advantage. The last report showed Bullock had $772,550 to Hill’s $146,177 — a gaping disparity that’s, in part, a result of the GOP primary. Thanks to the Republican Governors Association and outside help, cash shouldn’t be a problem for Hill. In fact, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is already slated for a Missoula fundraiser next week.

Who won July: Hill
No recent public polling

Speaking of Rick Hill’s fundraising efforts- Catanese mentioned this Friday’s fundraiser in Missoula featuring New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.    Could Romney’s Vice Presidential pick be making an appearance in the Big Sky State?  Mike Allen’s Politico Playbook had this:

STEVE HAYES and BILL KRISTOL have added this juicy update to their Weekly Standard editorial calling for Mitt Romney to “Go bold” and pick Paul Ryan or Marco Rubio for V.P.: “As of Friday, when we wrote the editorial, we’d been led to believe [N.J. Gov. Chris] Christie wasn’t in serious consideration. We now have reason to think he may be. So to be clear: We’d certainly include him with Ryan and Rubio as potential gold medal finalists. As to choosing among the three of them? A photo finish. But choosing a VP candidate who will help Romney run a big, forward looking campaign-that is not a close call.”

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