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Aaron Flint posted on August 23, 2012 15:15 :: 823 Views

It must be close to election time, because I am coming across so much information that there is not enough time in the day to blog about it.  That in mind, here are some political quick hits with what is on the web this morning. 

First, I shared the news yesterday that Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau will speak at the Democratic National Convention.  The Welch campaign was quick to criticize the move, noting that Juneau has turned down three debates with Republican OPI Candidate Sandy Welch. 

“Denise can’t show up to debate me in Montana, but she can take a call from President Obama and accept an invitation to gallivant with east coast liberals?” said Welch. “I think this is extremely disheartening and reveals to the voters just who Denise Juneau really is.”

Meanwhile, Republican congressional candidate Steve Daines was asked to speak at the Republican National Convention in Tampa Monday night.    

Daines is one of more than a dozen candidates running for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives who has been selected to speak during the convention.

“It is an honor to be invited to speak at the National Convention, and represent Montana,” said Daines. “Our nation is in need of new direction, new leadership, and new ideas.  I look forward to standing with other candidates who represent that change and recognize the need for more jobs and less government.”

What does Daines plan to talk about?  Click here to listen as he gives us a preview.  As an added bonus, Daines talks about his interaction with Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan, a week before he was named the VP candidate- click here to listen.

Now, on to the Rehberg-Tester race. 

Politico had the exclusive preview of Congressman Denny Rehberg’s (R-MT) latest campaign ad where he directly links Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) and President Barack Obama.  Click below to watch the ad.

 As for Senator Tester, here’s a news story that oddly isn’t getting very much play in the Montana media.  Is Tester supporting a health insurance price cap? 

The Hill has this:

Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) said Monday that he’s backing legislation to empower states to block unreasonable increases in health insurance rates.

The Health Insurance Rate Review Act would allow state insurance commissioners to prevent excessive, unjustified or unfairly discriminatory insurance rates. Officials would be able to deny proposed rate increases, modify rates or require rebates to customers.

Be careful what you sign…as The Daily Caller reports: (h/t The Western Word)

On Monday, Montana Democratic Senator Jon Tester unwittingly signed his name on the side of a diesel-fueled bus used by the American Energy Alliance (AEA), a free market energy group that is partially funded by the Koch brothers, during their nationwide tour to promote affordable energy and manufacturing jobs through major energy-producing states.

Tester signed his name on the side of the bus and even wrote “keep up the great work.”

Tester later told The Billings Gazette that he was unaware the bus tour was sponsored, in part, by the Koch brothers.   

Back to Rehberg. He was rallying the troops in Choteau, telling this to The Choteau Acantha:

With multiple campaign polls showing Rehberg in a neck-and-neck heat with Tester, Rehberg said rural voters will play a key role in his victory. Republican efforts to take back the Senate are focusing on four key states, Rehberg said, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska and Missouri. “We have to do our part as well,” he said. “I need each and every one of you to do just a little bit more than you have before.”

He also reminded Teton County voters that Republican Sen. Conrad Burns lost his seat to Tester six years ago when he lost crucial votes in Teton and Pondera counties due to his support for withdrawing federal mineral rights from leasing on the Rocky Mountain Front.

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