Schweitzer Goes After Romney’s Religion?

Aaron Flint posted on April 20, 2012 07:37 :: 2184 Views

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer (D) had some interesting remarks on the 2012 presidential race and the now apparent nomination of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney (R).  The remarks dealt with Gov. Romney’s Mormon Faith, prompting a response from an Obama campaign spokeswoman to say, “Attacking a candidate’s religion is out of bounds, and our campaign will not engage in it, and we don’t think others should either.”

All this, featured in a piece on  

While discussing swing states, Schweitzer said Romney would have a “tall order to position Hispanics to vote for him,” and I replied that was mildly ironic since Mitt’s father was born in Mexico, giving the clan a nominal claim to being Hispanic. Schweitzer replied that it is “kinda ironic given that his family came from a polygamy commune in Mexico, but then he’d have to talk about his family coming from a polygamy commune in Mexico, given the gender discrepancy.” Women, he said, are “not great fans of polygamy, 86 percent were not great fans of polygamy. I am not alleging by any stretch that Romney is a polygamist and approves of [the] polygamy lifestyle, but his father was born into [a] polygamy commune in Mexico.”

The Daily Beast added that George Romney’s parents were in a monogamous marriage.

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In other 2012 news with Montana connections, today’s Politico Playbook reports that Sarah Pompei, communications director for House GOP Whip Kevin McCarthy and an ’08 Romney press aide, is returning to Boston full-time to work for the Romney campaign.  Pompei once served as a campaign spokeswoman for the campaign of former Senator Conrad Burns (R-MT).


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