Malkin: Interior’s “Culture of Corruption”

Aaron Flint posted on June 21, 2011 12:30 :: 1047 Views

Don’t expect gas prices to go below $3 a gallon anytime soon, as CNBC reports.  Do expect the Obama Administration, though, to continue pursuing Western land grabs, new monuments, and wilderness designations. 

I had the opportunity to make the trip to Minneapolis this past weekend.  That’s where the left was gathered for Netroots Nation, and the right was gathered for RightOnline. 

Saturday Morning, Michelle Malkin described the Department of Interior’s “culture of corruption,” bringing the spotlight to Western issues that is usually not seen from national pundits.  Malkin joined Henry Kriegel and I as we talked with her on KMMS radio in Bozeman Saturday, from Minneapolis. I also shared a clip of her remarks on our statewide radio talk show, “Voices of Montana,” Tuesday morning.  Malkin made a trip through Montana last summer.   

Here is audio of her remarks regarding the Department of Interior:

Click to Listen

Click below to watch her full speech to RightOnline:


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