If We’re Headed for Civil War…

Aaron Flint posted on February 25, 2011 09:17 :: 3105 Views

Surprisingly enough, The Drudge Report is linking to this piece written by the Associated Press with the headline:

Montana Governor: ‘Tea Party’ Leading USA Into Civil War…

Well, judging by Governor Brian Schweitzer’s (D-MT) remarks last week that essentially endorsed nullification of wolf laws, followed by his comments this week criticizing nullification- I guess if we are headed to a Civil War, we can expect the Governor to wear Confederate gray pants and a Union blue shirt.

You may also recall the Governor’s remarks on Real ID a few years ago.  Here’s what he told NPR in 2008:

“Well, we are putting up with the federal government on so many fronts, and nearly every month they come out with another harebrained scheme, an unfunded mandate to tell us that our life is going to be better if we’ll just buckle under on some other kind of rule or regulation. And we usually just play along for a while, we ignore them for as long as we can, and we try not to bring it to a head. But if it comes to a head, we found that it’s best to just tell them to go to hell and run the state the way you want to run your state.”

Here’s what the Governor had to say in the latest AP article:

“We are the United States of America,” said Schweitzer. “This talk of nullifying is pretty toxic talk. That led to the Civil War.”

A tea party lawmaker said raising the specter of a civil war is plain old malarkey.

“Nullification is not about splitting this union apart,” freshman Rep. Derek Skees said. “Nullification is just one more way for us to tell the federal government: ‘That is not right.”

 It should be noted that none of the Governor’s remarks on wolves, nor his remarks on Real ID were included in the AP’s article.

Chris Shipp,  spokesman for the Montana House of Representatives Republican Caucus added this earlier this week:

As House Dems continue to accuse Republicans of wanting to secede from the union for supporting states’ rights legislation, keep in mind that the following 9 House Democrats all voted in favor of HB 287, blocking the implementation of the Federal Real ID Act in 2007.

Robyn Driscoll
Betsy Hands
Cynthia Hiner
Galen Hollenbaugh
Mike Phillips
Michelle Reinhart
Diane Sands
Jon Sesso
Franke Wilmer

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