State of the State Preview

Aaron Flint posted on January 26, 2011 09:20 :: 1057 Views

I think the best “State of the State” preview came via Scott Fredricks of our Billings affiliate, Newstalk 730 KYYA.  Scott interviewed the Governor, and asked him if he could give us some insight into the State of the State address: “It’s Wednesday.”  Well said. 

For those of you who want to catch the Governor’s live address- you can listen live right here on our website.  Or, don’t forget that tonight at 7 PM on most of our Northern News Network radio stations they will be airing the Governor’s State of the State Address and the Republican Response.  This broadcast of the State of the State and the GOP response is sponsored by PPL Montana.

With all the buzz over Democrats and Republicans sitting next to each other at the State of the Union, it may be even harder for that to happen at the State of the State: there just aren’t that many Democrats in the State Legislature following the 2010 elections.  Maybe if the Democrat sits in between two Republicans? 

As a side note, one listener to the talk show wondered why former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi rejected Rep. Eric Cantor’s offer to sit next to him because she was already sitting next to Rep. Bartlett from Maryland.  She must have been seemingly oblivious to the fact that she has two sides, lending credence to the idea that Pelosi can only see things from the left.

As for legislative leaders previewing the State of the State:

“We hope the Governor will show a willingness to work with the GOP majorities in the state Legislature. Creating opportunities for more jobs in Montana is our number one priority and that should not be a partisan affair,” said Speaker Pro Tem Janna Taylor.

Meanwhile, State Senate President Jim Peterson had this to say:

“We can disagree without being disagreeable,” said President Peterson.  “I enjoy and in-depth debate of the issues, and I’ll respect everyone’s opinion. But at the end of the day, we’re going to make decisions for the best interest of Montanans.  November 2nd meant something, and I take the responsibilty to lead and take action seriously and with humility.”  

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