Gov Offers Plane to Filmmakers

Aaron Flint posted on January 25, 2011 16:02 :: 1582 Views

LA Times blog: Gov offers plane for independent film makers

That state is Montana and the film, set to begin shooting in June, is “Winter in the Blood,” directed by Andrew and Alex Smith and based on the landmark novel by James Welch about Native American life that has never gone out of print since it was published in 1974.

Welch’s novel is so respected in Montana that the state’s governor, Brian Schweitzer, has offered to make his plane available to fly in potential funders, Native American tribes have OK’d filming in previously off-limits spiritual places, and two Montana friends of the brothers hosted a “friend-raiser” for the film in Park City, Utah, on Saturday night.

Plus, webcasting your funeral from Bozeman, Montana- in The New York Times.

Ms. Dahl (Dahl Funeral Chapel in Bozeman, Mont.) said that nearly one-third of the ceremonies arranged by her funeral home last year — about 60 — were streamed live, at no extra charge. She became interested in this option after Dan Grumley, the chief executive of Event by Wire, visited her in 2008 and showed her how it worked.

for William Uzenski, the father of Nicholas Uzenski, a Marine serving in Afghanistan who was killed on Jan. 11, 2010, live Web-streaming has provided much comfort. Mr. Uzenski’s body was transported to his home, Bozeman, 10 days later. William Uzenski, himself a former Marine, said he wanted Nicholas’s military colleagues in Afghanistan to be able to watch the funeral. So Ms. Dahl arranged it through a military liaison who was assisting the family.

Ms. Dahl said that, unlike many streamed funerals, Nicholas Uzenski’s had three separate Webcasts and was invitation-only. The Webcasts included the arrival of his coffin at a local airport, the funeral and a graveside ceremony that his family said included a 21-gun salute. Ms. Dahl tracked virtual attendees. The funeral and the graveside ceremony were watched by 124 and 39 people, respectively, with the funeral viewed in 80 cities and 4 countries, including Afghanistan.

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