Political Trough: Jim Webb Says Dem Party Has Moved Too Far Left

Former Democratic Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) says the Democratic party has moved too far to the left. Meet the Press documents some of Donald Trump’s flip flops.  More “Hunger Games” in California. And, what’s next after Pluto

The Daily Caller- Webb On Bernie, Far Left: ‘That’s Not My Democratic Party’

In a party that seems to thrill to Bernie Sanders and maybe long for Elizabeth Warren, who are the Jim Webb Democrats?

JIM WEBB: I believe we can bring a different tone to the Democratic Party. You’re right. The party has moved way far to the left, and that’s not my Democratic Party, but in and of itself. We need to bring working people back into the formula.

Politico’s Playbook earlier this week: HOT QUOTE

CNN’s Brianna Keilar, to Dana Bash on “State of the Union,” about how Clinton’s “trust” answer in Brianna’s interview: “I was surprised that she didn’t show a little more contrition. … [T]he other thing is, the campaign hasn’t been clear about when she wiped her server of her work e-mails.” http://cnn.it/1HY6UNg

Breitbart.com- Report: Sanctuary Cities Released Some 8,000 Illegal Aliens With Criminal Records This Year – Breitbart


Victim’s brother slams White House – Fox News Insider: “On ‘The Kelly File’ [Monday night], Kate Steinle’s brother opened up about the tragic incident that took his sister’s life and also slammed the controversial sanctuary city policy…He also told Kelly that the policy of sanctuary cities is overreaching. He said it ‘essentially rolled out the red carpet for a convicted felon’ to come into the city.’”

VIDEO from The Hill: Trump Flip Flops

Washington Examiner- Public: No to ‘sanctuary cities’ by 2-1 margin

By a huge two-to-one margin, Americans want so-called “sanctuary cities” where illegal immigrants, even convicted felons, can avoid federal immigration laws and deportation, punished and their federal funding shut off, according to a new poll.

Rasmussen Reports found that 62 percent of likely voters believe that the Justice Department should take legal action against cities that flaunt federal laws.

And it found that 58 percent believe that Washington should cut off federal funds sent to those cities.

Politico’s Morning Energy: WALKER, REGS AS DANGER

During his campaign kick-off last night, Republican presidential hopeful Scott Walker called for a moratorium on new regulations and vowed to end other Obama-era rules. “As governor I called for a moratorium on new regulations. We can do the same in Washington and then we can repeal all the other bad Obama regulations to get this economy going again,” he said in Waukesha, Wis. He also promised to approve Keystone XL on his first day in office and institute an “all of the above” energy policy “that uses the abundance of what God has given us here in America and on this continent.” And Walker chastised President Barack Obama for saying climate change is the greatest threat to future generations. “The greatest threat to future generations is radical Islamic terrorism and we need to do something about it,” Walker said to raucous applause.

Looks like more Hunger Games from our federal government.  There’s one set of rules for you and I, and one set of rules for the federal government.

CBS2 Investigates: Federal Buildings In SoCal Caught Wasting Water Amid Drought

While all Californians are under mandatory water restrictions, CBS2 News cameras went undercover and found some federal facilities may be wasting water for hours at a time.

And government workers weren’t happy when Investigative Reporter David Goldstein tried to get answers.

“Can you shut that off? Or I’m going to have to confiscate your cameras,” Lina Satele of the VA Public Affairs Office told Goldstein and a CBS2 cameraman.

Op-ed posted at PostAndCourier.com: Declare independence from VA’s failed health care system

Running out of excuses, VA leadership now blames budget shortfalls for their own shortcomings. They’ve requested to transfer funds out of the Veterans Choice program Congress passed last year, even though this program gave vets much needed alternatives to waiting too long or traveling too far for care.

This is unacceptable. The VA’s budget has already tripled since 2001 and added 100,000 employees — far more than demand necessitated. Before giving it a single dollar more, the VA must prove it can prioritize veterans’ needs over its own. And that begins with giving veterans more power over their health care decisions.

The author, Eddie S. Ray, is a retired colonel in the Marine Corps and the recipient of the Navy Cross. He is a veteran of Desert Storm, Somalia and Iraqi Freedom.

Ryan Zinke joins CNN‘s Situation Room:

Great Falls Tribune: Republicans announce Buck will replace Fitzpatrick

It was news to Rep. Steve Fitzpatrick on Thursday that the Cascade County Republicans Central Committee announced who will replace him as the candidate for House District 20 in the coming election.

Fitzpatrick has served as the Republican representative of that district since 2010 and said he’s decided to run as the Republican candidate for Senate District 10 in 2016, but he hadn’t planned on announcing it yet and learned Thursday that Sheridan Buck will be running for his vacated seat. The central committee press release gave no indication of what Fitzpatrick’s plans are.

“Somebody will be found to run against her (in the primary),” Fitzpatrick said, indicating Buck comes from the more conservative flanks of the Republican party.

The Daily Inter Lake- EDITORIAL: Recent audit gives state a scare

It was a shock to the entire state last month when the Legislative Audit Division reported that it had discovered significant accounting errors in fiscal records kept by Montana’s Department of Administration.

As reported by the Associated Press, the errors include an approximately $1 billion overstatement of accumulated depreciation related to infrastructure and the state highway system. In addition, four bond issuances totaling approximately $62 million were omitted, and transportation expenses were overstated by approximately $220 million.

Incredible story AP: Girl Who Survived Plane Crash Hiked Out of Wilderness After Two Days

A teenage girl who survived a small-plane crash in the craggy, thickly forested mountains of north-central Washington state emerged from the wilderness after hiking “for a couple of days” and was picked up by a motorist who drove her to safety, authorities said Monday. But the fate of her two step-grandparents, who were also on board, remained unclear.

Family members alerted authorities after the Beech A-35 failed to complete its flight from Kalispell, Montana, to Lynden, Washington, on Saturday afternoon. Rescuers narrowed down a search area based on cellphone data and typical flight patterns. But there was no sign of the aircraft or its occupants until Autumn Veatch, 16, followed a trail to state Route 20, near the east entrance to North Cascades National Park.

A motorist picked her up Monday afternoon and drove her 30 miles east to a general store in Mazama, where employees called 911.

KBZK.com: Senator Steve Daines kicks off 25th Pacific Northwest Economic Region Summit in Big Sky

“I have one sentence.  It is time to stop debating about the Keystone Pipeline.  It is time to start building the Keystone Pipeline,” Daines said to a loud applause.

GovExec.com: What Comes Next After NASA’s Pluto Mission?

NASA is about to make history.

On Tuesday, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft will pull off a major feat when it glides past Pluto, a dwarf planet at the outskirts of our solar system. The mission is expected to dramatically expand the frontiers of space exploration by offering up a never-before-seen glimpse of the mysterious mass of rock and ice.

Montana GOP Sen. Steve Daines has taken a particular interest in the mission because of his background in chemical engineering, while Alaska Republican Sen. Dan Sullivan has brushed up on the history and facts of the New Horizons voyage in anticipation of the event.

“I’ve always been a believer that success breeds future success; it’s always great to see important milestones achieved,” Daines said.

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