Political Trough: Kid Rock Honors O’Neill, House Honors Farm Vets

Kid Rock honors Butte Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill.  The US House Ag committee honors farmer veterans.  3-way race for GOP chair in Montana, as Gianforte looks more and more like a candidate every day.  Maybe Curly will go do some yoga in the new wilderness area.  The enviro groups, “green decoys,” admit they want to sell off federal land (on video), as they launch an attack on the American Lands Council.  Those stories and much more are in this week’s Political Trough. 

But first, “Have you ever fledged a chick before Mark?”  The Billings-based Breakfast Flakes take on The Missoulian’s love for front-page stories about birds.     

Here’s the story from The Missoulian.  You can read it.  No offense to the writer (it’s a good read)…but for some reason- I like the Mark and Paul audio better: 

Click here or below to listen

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From the story: Hail wrecks Hellgate Canyon osprey family egg clutch

About 200 osprey nests are known around the Missoula area that Greene monitors, and between 60 percent and 70 percent of those successfully fledge chicks every year.

The loss of Stanley and Iris’ brood this year will get far more notice, thanks to its live-stream community, but the fish-hawk world will carry on.

As recorded on my smart phone, The Breakfast Flakes had this to say after the story:

Paul: “Have you ever fledged a chick before Mark?” 
Mark: “Not at that rate.”

It’s a good thing one of those guys is a farmer…


In other news…

Rock/Rap star Kid Rock honored Butte Navy SEAL Rob O’neill at a recent concert in Columbus, Ohio.  Here’s video via YouTube:


Homegrown by Heroes – a labeling program created in 2014 to promote agriculture produced by military veterans – now includes more than 165 farmers and ranchers in 43 states, thanks to a doubling of membership in the past three months, the House Agriculture Committee reports. The program, which was launched with funding from Farm Credit, accounts for $15 million in annual sales. The committee honored more than 40 of the program’s farmer vets at a party Monday night, featuring many of their products. Among those on hand was Calvin Riggleman, the program’s first West Virginia producer. The chef, farmer and former Marine reportedly supplied the party with his signature grilled cheese sandwiches. Read more about the event here: http://1.usa.gov/1FUmtTV

“Morning Ag” also noted this: 

– Costco has overtaken Whole Foods in sales of organic foods, Yahoo News reports: http://yhoo.it/1Jr9gnH

By the way- we had a very informative show on GMO’s on Friday’s (June 5th) “Voices of Montana.” Western Sugar’s Rebecca Larson joined us for the full hour.  You gotta hear some of the questions…and her well-informed responses.  Full audio on our podcast page found here.

From ag…to oil

Great Falls Tribune- Montana chief: Higher oil prices needed to renew drilling

A: Drilling in the Bakken Formation in Montana has basically ceased at the current oil price, which fell dramatically last fall. There have not been many wells actually shut-in yet but there are some drilled wells that might not be put in production until the oil price improves.

Q: How would you characterize the impact on Montana’s oil-industry and related jobs?

A: Service companies, including those responsible for well drilling and completion, have been hard hit. Loss of support companies is also significant, since there could be a shortage of equipment and workers that could hinder new drilling and well completion when oil prices do increase.


The potential for U.S. crude exports to counter Russia’s influential role as fuel supplier to Eastern Europe could face some hurdles, according to a Congressional Research Service memo. CRS identified three factors that as potentially limiting the ability of U.S. crude to supply Eastern Europe: infrastructure, refining capacity and pricing. The memo, a copy of which was obtained by POLITICO, presents possible ammunition to supporters of the current crude export ban as they seek to undercut the argument that a free flow of light U.S. oil would reduce Russia’s regional clout. The CRS memo underscores that researchers were not equipped to properly gauge “the suitability of existing infrastructure in the Eastern European region” to handle competing types of crude from the U.S., but noted that the bulk of Russian crude comes to its neighbors via pipeline as opposed to the marine delivery system that U.S. shipments would need. In addition, CRS notes, Eastern European refineries are broadly configured to process Russia’s heavier crudes and could demand a price discount before purchasing lighter U.S. shale grades to make up for the mismatch. “This, in turn, may result in reducing the attractiveness to U.S. producers to export crude oil to the region,” the memo states. The memo: http://politico.pro/1FvadGO

KRTV.com: Essmann, Deschamps, and Happel competing for Montana Republican Party chair

Jeff Essmann, a Montana State Representative (-Billings) and former Montana Senate Majority leader, is running for chairman of the Montana Republican Party.

The party chair recruits, organizes, and fundraises for candidates up and down the ballot.

He’ll be running against Will Deschamps, who was held the post for the past six years, and Dan Happel, former Madison County Commissioner and Madison County Republican chairman.

NBC Montana: Technology entrepreneur Greg Gianforte says he is considering running for Montana governor in 2016.

Gianforte’s interview with The Associated Press Tuesday is the Bozeman resident’s first confirmation of the widespread speculation that he is mounting a challenge to incumbent Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock.

I Imagine our friend Curly, who calls in to Voices of Montana from Choteau, would rather go camping with the kids…or grazing with the cows.  But who knows- maybe he’s up for Yoga:

The Montana Wilderness Association is leading hikes into some of the areas that are now designated wilderness under the Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act. Those hikes include:

•Saturday, Aug. 1 — Geology and Yoga at Devil’s Glen: This hike into the Scapegoat Wilderness includes yoga along the Dearborn River.

KTVQ.com: Non-discrimination ordinance will not go before city council

Billings will not see a non-discrimination ordinance conversation before city council in the near future.

City council member Jani McCall clearing up any confusion from a local newspaper article regarding the issue.

“There is nothing in the plans at all,” McCall said.

I had three more stories about the Bruce Jenner saga that I was going to place here next.  But I think we can all agree: we’re sick of hearing about it.  So…what about a quote of the week?

Ace of Spades– Relationship Expert: The GOP Is Doomed As a Party, Should Seek Divorce (h/t Jim Geraghty, National Review)

It is the nature of every power elite, after all, to be smug and walk with unearned swagger.

A listener also sent me this “Must-Watch Video:”  Enviro groups admit that they support allowing federal and state government to sell land.


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