So, How Did It Pan Out?

Now, I don’t do predictions- neither in elections, nor in legislative bodies.  Either way, I was wondering- how did it pan out?   

Before Montana’s 2015 Legislative session started, CQ Roll Call reached out to me wondering what I saw as the top 5 issues heading into Montana’s Legislative Session.  Below is the edited summary of the 5 topics that I sent in prior to the session (although it wasn’t printed until later on).  I’ve now also added red bubbles to identify what basically happened, or didn’t happen, with each issue.

1. Civil asset forfeiture reform was signed into law ( piece)

2. Push to require bonding in infrastructure package ultimately sunk the deal (Lee Newspapers piece)

3. A small, and very limited school choice bill actually cleared the legislature and got the Governor’s signature (AP report)

4. Despite last-ditch attempts by the Governor’s office, an effort to include funding for his Pre-K program failed  (Flathead Beacon report

5. While Medicaid expansion still became law in Montana, at the end of the day it did take an alternative approach on Medicaid expansion to get it to the Governor’s desk for signature.  And, the alternative package certainly has its critics on the Left here in Montana.  (AP report)

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What are the top 5 issues facing each state legislature?  The CQ Roll Call 50 State Project is now live. 

As CQ Roll Call reports:

It’s no secret that states produce a lot more legislation than Congress. Federal lawmakers passed 352 bills and resolutions in the last session. In the states, that count topped 45,000.

What are the issues that are driving all that productivity? That’s what CQ Roll Call’s 50 State Project was designed to find out.

We asked reporters in all 50 states and Washington DC to identify the top five issues in their corner of the country and to give us an update on each. The result is a rare look at the issues that occupy state governments — and you can download it now at no charge.

I cover Montana on page 44 of this new report.  Click here to download it in full. 

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