Kirsten Powers on Obama Sexism Charge by Sherrod Brown

-Kirstin Powers: “It’s the chickens coming home to roost for Barack Obama I would say.”

That whole victim thing…”It’s because I’m a woman” or “It’s because I’m black.” Yeah, I guess that whole racism and sexism charge isn’t so nice when it’s used against you. 

I spoke with “Fox’s liberal to be reckoned with“- Kirsten Powers- on Friday’s Voices of Montana.   She joined me on Montana’s only statewide radio talk show to discuss her new book, The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech.”

I started off by mentioning how former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice was in Billings, Montana and urged people not to think of themselves as victims

How odd was it, then, when earlier this week Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) basically called President Obama a sexist? 

CNN: White House Wants Dem Senator To Apologize Over Sexism Charge

“President Barack Obama’s barbs at Sen. Elizabeth Warren on trade have been “disrespectful” and driven by gender, Sen. Sherrod Brown said Tuesday. That prompted an indignant response from the White House, which said it was expecting an apology from the Ohio Democrat.

Here’s what Powers had to say about the indignant response from the White House:

POWERS: “It’s the chickens coming home to roost for Barack Obama I would say.  It’s interesting to contrast this week where the White House is demanding an apology from Sherrod Brown, at the same time the president is smearing Fox News with this comment that all they do is portray poor people as leeches.” 

She added that Sherrod Brown was wrong to say that, but says this is the point of her book:  “If you think you’re safe, you’re not.”

Click here  or listen below for audio of the clip.  Click here for the full podcast of the interview with Powers.


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