Winner Declared in Montana Mint Pizza Championship Bracket

Aaron Flint posted on April 08, 2015 17:06 :: 769 Views

The Montana Mint: Eugene’s of Glasgow wins the Montana Mint’s 2015 Best Pizza in Montana Championship

After three rounds of voting, over 10,000 votes cast, and lots of pizza debate, the Montana Mint named Eugene’s Pizza of Glasgow as the 2015 Montana Pizza Champion.  Montanans have voted over the past three weeks for their favorite pizza shops in a March Madness style bracket.  A copy of the original bracket can be found here. The full story can be found here:


The owners of the Montana Mint said, “One thing that became clear over the past year is there was no consensus on the best pizza in the state.  The 2015 Montana Pizza Championship bracket aimed to give us some answers.”


Statewide radio personality Aaron Flint has been regularly plugging the pizza shop on his morning show “Voices of Montana.”  Upon hearing the news of Eugene’s victory, Flint said “”I think it’s pretty clear the Hi Line is the real winner here. Three of the top four came from Highway 2 destinations. I’ll never forget growing up as a kid seeing Mr. Knodel throwing the pizza dough up to the ceiling. Eugenes Pizza has the taste, the ambience, and the community.”


Eugene’s captured 48 percent of the vote in the Final Four round of the Montana Pizza Championship Bracket.  Eugene’s fended off stiff competition from Nalivka’s out of Havre (34 percent), Howard’s of Great Falls (11 percent), and Me Too Pizza out of Culbertson (7 percent).


Eugene’s was established in 1962 and has served the greater Glasgow area ever since.  The offer your regular slate of normal pizza toppings, and some “Time Proven Combinations” that offer some bizzare, but apparently popular, choices.  These include the Henry J (Canadian bacon and Sauerkraut), The Friday Special (tuna, shrimp, mushroom, and onion) and the Super (pretty much everything: Pepperoni, Beef, Salami, Sausage, Onion, Green Pepper & Mushroom).


For those not able to find their way to Glasgow in the near future, Eugene’s will overnight (!!!) you a half-cooked pizza.  They also have some sweet gear you can rep anywhere in the world.  Give them a call at (406) 228-8552 for details.


You can relive the action by checking out the launch of the bracket, our analysis for the sweet sixteen, our disbelief as Moose’s fell behind in the voting, and finally the Final Four. 

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Did your favorite Montana pizza shop make it to the Final Four?  Which two pizza places do you want to see in the championship? The full results are posted below, as we announce the Final Four in the Montana Mint Pizza Championship Bracket.  Much like the NCAA’s March Madness Final Four, we do have a major upset in the Montana Pizza Bracket Championship- the top seeded Mooses in Kalispell was knocked out after the Sweet 16 round of voting.  Which other pizza shops were left in the (saw)dust, and which ones made it in the Final Four? 

Here you go, courtesy of The Montana Mint:

Full results from the Sweet 16 voting are at the bottom of this post.  Click here to vote for the championship matchup ):

Sweet 16 Results:


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