Politico: MTGOP Moderates Give Obama “Much Needed Boost”

Aaron Flint posted on April 13, 2015 15:20 :: 681 Views

A handful of moderate Republicans in the Montana Legislature gave a hand up to President Obama, as Politico reports that their efforts gave the Obama Administration “a much needed boost.”

Politico: Montana lawmakers endorse Medicaid expansion

The Montana Legislature has backed expansion of the state’s Medicaid program under Obamacare, a startling turnaround after supporters’ repeated setbacks during the current session.

The action provides the Obama administration a much needed boost given how efforts have foundered in other states such as Tennessee, Wyoming, Utah and Florida. The House’s final passage of the measure on Saturday marks the first time this year a Republican-dominated legislature has agreed to expand coverage under the health care law.

Meanwhile, Rick Tryon writes in The Great Falls Tribune: I’m not buying the ‘noble Democrat’ mythology

Only to hardcore, math-denying, partisan progressives can a 5.5 percent spending increase be considered “slashing,” “gutting” and “cutting” because it doesn’t soak taxpayers enough or spend as much as some extreme Democrats demand. What a massive tub of shameless, partisan flop-doodle.

But it did give me an idea or two. Whenever my wife asks me why I didn’t mow the lawn, I’ll just say, “Honey, I did cut the grass because, according to my calculations, based on precipitation levels, that lawn should have grown 3 inches, but it only grew 2 inches, so that’s a cut.”

And when I have the stitches removed from my head and the doc looks at me and says, “Either you’re four months pregnant or you need to cut back on the pizza, pal,” I’ll just smile and explain, “I did cut back, Doc! Just last night we ordered a big ol’ pizza and my hungry tummy told me I needed 4 pieces but I only ate 3 and a half pieces. That’s cutting back, isn’t it?”

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