BREAKING: Budget Agreement Reached in Montana Legislature

Aaron Flint posted on April 23, 2015 12:31 :: 860 Views

It looks like a state employee pay raise is in, but funding for the Governor’s Pre-K program is out.  Here’s the details we’ve heard so far, after legislators apprently came to agreement on the budget.

AP: Compromise budget proposal includes pay raises

Under the proposed pay plan, state employees would receive 50 cents more an hour in January 2016 and again in January 2017 as well as increases in the state’s contribution to health care costs.

Money for statewide infrastructure projects is another issue lawmakers say may or may not be tied to a final budget deal.

GREAT VIDEO: State Senator Brenden Sings His Goodbye Song on the Floor

The below opinion is signed by Rep. Seth Berglee (House District 58), Rep. Sarah Laszloffy (HD53), Rep. Forrest Mandeville (HD57), Rep. Nick Schwaderer (HD14) and Rep. Daniel Zolnikov (HD45).

In The Missoulian: Young Republicans, stand up to big government expansion

Although Montana elected 59 Republican legislators in a 100-person House, a handful of liberal Republicans sided with the Democrats to form a majority and muscle through the largest increase of welfare Montana has seen in our lifetimes.

This behavior by our fellow legislators sets a dangerous precedent for future sessions. There are some issues that are so big and important to our constituents that they should require a supermajority to pass. Medicaid expansion is one of them. Montana will be feeling the consequences of these shenanigans over the last few weeks for years to come.

Unfortunately, we lost the votes on a handful of major issues that our generation of legislators will be faced with. The most disappointing part is that these issues were not lost on the ideals of our members, but through rule maneuvering.

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