A New Casino on The Fort Peck Reservation?

Aaron Flint posted on March 23, 2015 16:30 :: 1273 Views

You may recall an updated story about the housing project on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation being backed by Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation…well- there’s some other big stories being covered by Louis Montclair with The Fort Peck Journal as well.

Here’s just a few:

1.  Tribes approved for $29 million loan

A $29 million loan to the Fort Peck Tribes was approved by the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community.

With the approval of this loan, the Tribes are closer to starting the Buffalo Rivers Casino project.

According to information from the Shakopee, the casino construction will provide between 80 to 100 jobs. Tribal members and tribal subcontractors will be given hiring preference.

Once the casino is done, over 220 full time casino jobs will be created, with tribal members getting hiring preference.

2.  Tribes to Poplar School Board: “Fire Superintendent”

The Fort Peck Tribal Executive Board has passed a motion in committee urging the Poplar School Board to remove Superintendent Kim Harding from her position due to her recent comments about a group of teachers.

Meanwhile, Poplar Middle School teachers who were referred to as “renegades” have yet to receive their apology from Harding, as she had said she would last week when she was interviewed by the Fort Peck Journal.

3.  Prosecution of non-Indians now under tribal jurisdiction

A new tribal and federal government law takes effect next week allowing the Fort Peck Tribes to arrest, investigate and prosecute non-Indians who commit domestic violence crimes on the reservation against Native women.

For the first time in its history, Fort Peck will now be one of five tribes in the country that will be able to intervene in domestic violence cases committed by non-Indians against Native women.

4.  Brockton family sentenced to prison for embezzlement

Starting in December 2012, Desiree Lambert, who was business manager for the Town of Brockton, began writing illegitimate checks to herself, her husband and daughters by forging the signature of Brockton Mayor Ben Johnson.

Over a year and a half, the Lamberts stole $132,563 from the town. When interviewed, the Lamberts admitted to spending the money on gambling and other household items.

KTVQ-TV’s Aja Goare also covered the casino story, check it out here:  Fort Peck looks to build casino, could cost as much as $43M 

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