Watch: Zinke on O’Reilly, Discussing Bergdahl

Aaron Flint posted on January 28, 2015 14:19 :: 1284 Views

Congressman Ryan Zinke (R-MT) will be the lead guest on Bill O’Reilly’s O’Reilly Factor tonight discussing the Bowe Bergdahl situation and global terrorism, according to his spokesperson Heather Swift.  

Here’s more news from The Hill…some good news for military veterans and families, as Zinke looks to support more veterans running for office.

Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-Mont.), a former Navy SEAL Team Six commander, has launched a political action committee in the hopes of getting more GOP veterans elected to Congress.


“It wasn’t too long ago, back in the 1970’s, that military veterans made up more than three-fourths of the membership of Congress,” Zinke states on SEAL PAC’s website. “Sadly, the number of veterans in Congress has declined to less than 20 percent in both chambers.”

Related…National Review: Top Democrat on Senate Intelligence Committee: Obama’s ISIS Strategy Has Failed and It’s Time for Special Forces

This week, President Obama defended his Middle East strategy as adequate and even successful, but Democratic senator Dianne Feinstein didn’t shy away from a frankly different assessment: It’s not.

“The American people don’t want another war,” but it’s clear that the problems in the Middle East are going to require a new approach, the former Intelligence Committee chairman said.

Considering the problem of the Islamic State, Feinstein said, “I don’t know whether 6,000 ISIL people have been killed or not — that’s the figure that’s been floated around. But that’s not going to do it. So where [Senator John] McCain is right, I do think we need some Special Operations [forces] in these countries, on the ground, more than just advisers. We need to protect our allies.”

In case you missed it, here’s what Zinke had to say in response to the latest land grab threatened by President Obama: 

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