Money, Money, Money, Money…

Aaron Flint posted on January 29, 2015 13:49 :: 790 Views

Money, Money, Money, Money!

I guess you could call it the “Spend it All or Nothing” State of the State infrastructure speech by Governor Steve Bullock…

When it comes to infrastructure, Gov. Bullock basically said fund it all in one bill, or he’ll veto it. (He’s pressing for a $400 million package)

To which State Sen. Eric Moore (R-Miles City) responded:

A Republican Senate leader on Wednesday night called Gov. Steve Bullock a Johnny-come-lately when it comes to investing in Montana’s infrastructure.

Senate President Pro Tempore Eric Moore of Miles City accused the Democratic governor of proposing a bloated, pork-barrel infrastructure spending plan that would double the state’s debt.

Here’s the actual line from Moore’s official GOP response:

Republicans are going to work hard to fund Montana’s critical infrastructure needs this session.  But this issue needs a long-term solution.

When $35 Million dollars in much needed infrastructure funding is vetoed in a non-election year, only to be replaced by $400 million two short years later, surely all Montanans can agree that is not very effective long-term planning.

 From the Montana GOP:

Governor Hypocrite Raising Unlimited Corporate Cash
Unlimited Corporate Cash- As Chair of the DGA, Bullock is raising unlimited amounts of corporate cash– the same corporate cash he once condemned and fought against. In addition to Bullock’s hypocrisy on corporate cash, he promised Montanans greater transparency and disclosure at the DGA, but so far he has failed to act. Bullock is also raising money and associating with a corporate organization that does not have “to disclose their donors or spending.” Bullock seems to care more about raising unlimited amounts of corporate cash for his own self-interest than putting Montana first.

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