Billings Gazette Editor: “I am not Charlie”

Aaron Flint posted on January 13, 2015 14:43 :: 855 Views

“I am not Charlie.” Those are the direct words from the editor of The Billings Gazette who, just days after a terrorist attack on the French cartoon publication Charlie Hebdo, took issue with the publication’s editorial technique. 

I was out for the weekend, but when I first read the editorial- I couldn’t help but think: Well of course you’re not Charlie.  Charlie mocked all religions; The Billings Gazette editorial board appears to just bash Catholics and other Christians. (Click herehere, and here. And note that I specified the editorial board, and not the entire staff)  

From the editor: I am not Charlie

While I can condemn with the harshest language my feeble keyboard can muster the creatures who believe the only fitting penalty for being offended is death, I also feel a bit queasy about rushing to defend what Charlie Hebdo printed. It’s like rushing to defend white supremacist rallies or the Westboro Baptist Church.

Sacre bleu: A member of the media not lining up behind Charlie Hebdo.
Charlie Hebdo must go on, without question. The opinions reflected in the editorial cartoons have a right to be printed, assuredly. And I realize the difference between satire and journalism. The Gazette is not Hebdo.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one with raised eyebrows…(or “eyebrow” for any of the unibrow readers out there.  I want to make sure we’re being inclusive here and not offending anyone) 

Montana Media Trackers- Billings Gazette Editor: “I’m Not Charlie”

Twelve people — 10 Charlie Hebdo staffers and 2 police officers — were killed last week when two armed Islamic extremists stormed the Paris offices of the newspaper. Charlie Hebdo has generated controversy in recent years by publishing cartoons lampooning the Muhammad, an Islamic prophet. Many Muslims believe cartoons and other depictions of Muhammad constitute blasphemy. The satirical newspaper is known for satirizing all different religious faiths and political perspectives, including Christianity and Judaism.

The op-ed has received a mostly negative response in comments and on social media. “The bottom line is the Gazette editor is a simple coward,” wrote one commenter. “Not even sure what your point was, but you sure ARE Charlie. Anyone with an opinion or belief system not shared by ISIS or any other militant Islamic group is Charlie,” wrote another.

viny in Livingston

Wednesday, January 14, 2015 11:09 AM

Ten indicators Charlie Hebdo attack was a Mossad – French security operation

(1) Military and intel veterans, including from France, broadly agree operation seems professional, state-supported, and not likely Franco-Algerian jihadi brothers
(2) Video claiming to show killing of French policeman thoroughly debunked as fake by military / intel analysts such as at Veterans Today etc
(3) One masked Charlie Hebdo attacker identified by witness as having blue eyes, unlike Algerian brothers
(4) Masked Charlie Hebdo killers immediately drove getaway car to Jewish kosher restaurant ‘Patistory’ popular with Israelis
(5) At Jewish deli Charlie Hebdo killers quickly change to 2nd getaway car and laughably ‘by accident’ leave ID of Kouachi in 1st car
(6) As predicted Kouachi brothers are allegedly quickly ‘killed’, though likely murdered much earlier before massacre was undertaken. Dead men tell no tales.
(7) French police Commissioner Helric Fredou, beginning fascinating work to report on Hebdo massacre, is suddenly found with bullet in head, with laughable claim he ‘committed suicide’
(8) Président of France François Hollande appears on television, looking shaken and fearful, briefly blurts out that Hebdo massacre was carried out by « Illuminés » – the Illuminati – thus hinting it was French security along with Israel, following on Hollande’s decisions favoring Palestine at the U.N. and the I.C.C.
(9) Web trolls intensively hit popular websites, arguing fanatically it is all fault of ‘Muslims’, trying to suppress investigation and discussion
(10) YouTube has been scouring the videos of the supposed police shooting off the web as fast as they can be put up, even though they show no blood, gore, or graphic content.

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