Montana Native Produces Film “Reagan at Normandy”

Aaron Flint posted on December 31, 2014 12:02 :: 1046 Views

Earlier this year, you may recall seeing the photo of Hollywood actor Jon Voight saddled up at the Montana Bar in Glasgow, Montana.  What was he doing?  Researching a film.  Why Glasgow?  Doug Stebleton.  

Doug Stebleton is a film producer from Glasgow, Montana.  In addition to other Hollywood films that he’s worked on, Stebleton has spent around 15 years travelling to Normandy in order to document the heroic sacrifices of American servicemembers in World War II.  More recently, Stebleton teamed up with nationally acclaimed author and radio host Michael Reagan, the son of President Ronald Reagan, to tell the story of “Reagan at Normandy.” 

That video is now live: 

I spoke about the effort with both Reagan and Stebleton during our statewide radio talk show Voices of Montana earlier this week. Click here to listen.   

Michael Reagan is also the chairman of the Reagan Legacy Foundation. The Foundation’s purpose is to continue President Reagan’s legacy and his concepts of Liberty and Freedom.

“As you will see in the Reagan At Normandy film, President Reagan was the first sitting US president to go to Normandy to celebrate the D Day Anniversary in 1984. He gave a very famous speech at Point Du Hoc which is where the Rangers climbed the cliffs,” as Stebleton writes. “He also went to The Coleville Su Mere or American Cemetery and gave a speech. This is the cemetery that is above Omaha Beach. The Reagan At Normandy film is all about his trip to Normandy and his love for the veterans and for Freedom.”

Stebleton added, “Through the Reagan Legacy foundation we have raised about $600,000 so far. So we still need to raise more. The plan is for us to break ground on it next year in Sainte Mere Eglise in May of 2015. Then in June of 2016 during the 72nd Day Anniversary the building will have its grand opening. They will then start playing the Reagan at Normandy film in the new conference center. If anyone would like to watch the Reagan At Normandy film right now they can watch it for free on The Reagan Legacy website which is . Just click the “projects” button and then in the brown box hit “Watch Reagan At Normandy Video”

If any one is interested in donating to the new Ronald Reagan Normandy conference center project they can click “donate” and write that the donation is for the “Normandy Project.”


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