Rapper Busted for Acting Like an Idiot, Pulls Race Card

Aaron Flint posted on November 10, 2014 12:37 :: 2475 Views

A Billboard Hot 100 rapper trashed a Fuddruckers restaurant in Billings, Montana- at one point throwing beer bottles at employees.     

And in today’s day in age, when all else fails, if you do something stupid and someone criticizes you- just pull out the ever so handy race card.   

Jeremih said this via Twitter:

Sounds like Jeremih is heeding his own “don’t tell em” advice…

KTVQ-TV: Billboard Hot 100 rapper lashes out on Billings restaurant owners, employees

Jeremih, who has a number 6 hit on the Billboard top 100, reportedly caused more than $700 damage to the restaurant with his posse, before his show Wednesday evening.

TMZ has video of the incident: 

While rapper Jeremih won’t explain why he believes racism sparked the beer-tossing tirade at Fuddruckers, the concert promoter who brought Jeremih to Montana seems very clear that Jeremih was in the wrong, as The Billings Gazette reports:   

The concert’s promoter, Next Level Inc., is working to refund money to concertgoers. Waymon C. Mitchell said in a Facebook message that Next Level Inc. has been in contact with the staff and managers of Fudruckers and will work to “remedy the wrongs created by Jeremiah and his entourage.”

Mitchell also condemned Jeremih’s actions.

“We strive to bring quality performers and entertainment to Montana and the Billings area, the performers we have brought to Billings in the past have been professional, humble, dignified and passionate towards their fans and the Montana communities they have performed in, unfortunately Jeremiah and his Crew DID NOT represent those qualities by their actions on Nov. 5th.”

Read more: http://billingsgazette.com/news/local/tmz-publishes-video-of-jeremih-incident-at-fuddrucker-s-promoter/article_34ace4b0-3023-50cb-9b8d-bbff67471db0.html#ixzz3IgosqKe5


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