Political Trough: Without Fracking, Oil Would Be $150/Barrel

Aaron Flint posted on November 25, 2014 16:31 :: 900 Views

Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) says he is open to working on tax reform with Sen.-Elect Steve Daines (R-MT).  Could deregulating taxis pave the way for Uber in Montana?  And, the best question asked of President Obama in a very long time.  Those stories and more are in this pre-Thanksgiving Political Trough….but first- this from The Daily Caller: Without The Fracking Boom, Oil Would Be At $150 Per Barrel

The price of oil fell from about $100 per barrel to $80 per barrel in a matter of months, bringing with it lower gasoline prices for drivers and a modest boost to the economy ahead of the holiday season.

Energy experts at ICF International estimate that “international Brent crude oil prices would have averaged $122 to $150 per barrel in 2013” without the massive increases in oil production from fracking. Instead, oil prices have fallen to around $80 per barrel and are projected to fall even further — maybe even to $60 per barrel.

4&20Blackbirds:  Will Deregulating Taxi Cabs in Montana Pave the Way for Uber?

According to a Twitter exchange between Aaron Flint and Rep. Ellie Hill, it sounds like Hill plans on working on similar legislation this coming session, again with Rep. Knudsen. What sparked that exchange was a tweet from Flint about rumors that Uber is coming to Montana.

Helena IR: Tester will work with GOP in Senate

The bottom line is that hopefully people have heard what happened in the last election. Democrats didn’t do particularly well and there are lessons to be learned from that,” Tester said.

The senator said he would work with Republicans to reduce some regulations, perhaps loosening the group insurance plan for businesses with one employee, or returning the focus of Dodd Frank financial reform laws to large Wall Street institutions and away from small community banks.

Tester said he could find common ground on tax reform with incoming Sen. Steve Daines, R-Mont.

This was literally the best question asked of President Obama in a very long time: Watch Pres. Obama Fumble Easy Question on Precedent

President Obama completely fumbles when George Stephanopolous asks him how he’d respond if a future president takes the same action on taxes that Obama has taken on immigration. Incredibly, Obama responds as if he’d never heard or thought of this argument before, stumbling blindly along immigration talking points without answering the actual question.

The Daily Caller: Newt Gingrich: House Benghazi Report Has Been ‘Co-Opted By The CIA’ [VIDEO]

GINGRICH: [Republican Rep.] Trey Gowdy, who has the Select Committee in the House…

HOST WOLF BLITZER: He has a separate investigation.

GINGRICH: Yeah. And they pointed out that they haven’t even gotten key documents out of the agency, and they have no idea why [House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Mike Rogers] issued this report. And I think this is one of those things where, if you ever want to see a committee that had been, I think, frankly co-opted by the CIA, that’s what this report is about.

WSJ’s Capital Journal linked to PoliceDefense.org:

Ron Hosko, former assistant director of the FBI, told Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund that the police officer, Darren Wilson, “very much remains a victim of a politicized agenda that deemed him guilty until proven innocent.”

Also from The Daily Caller: After Ferguson Decision, Liberal Media Beclown Themselves On Twitter

In the wake of the grand jury decision not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, liberal media figures took to Twitter to voice their ire at the decision, but especially to vent at Democratic prosecutor Robert McCulloch.

Here are but a few of the more animated statements.

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