ABC/FOX: Fed Judge Orders Same Sex Marriage in Montana

Aaron Flint posted on November 19, 2014 15:14 :: 1673 Views

Updating this story as more info comes in…

Here’s a press release from The Montana Family Foundation:

Montana’s Marriage Amendment, enacted by nearly 70% of Montana voters in a direct election, has just been nullified by the courts.

Laurel, MT – Today 295,070 Montana voters had their votes nullified by one judge exercising what amounts to a super-vote.  The decision by Judge Brian Morris to allow same-sex marriage in Montana strikes at the heart of two foundational institutions that have made our state and nation truly exceptional:  the ballot initiative process that allows for self-governance by the people, and the family.  I am heartbroken for the people of Montana who have had the redefinition of marriage forced on them by an out-of-control federal judiciary. 

I am also grieved for the children of same-sex couples who have no chance of growing up with a mom and a dad. This fundamentally undermines the right of the people to protect natural marriage as the sacred union of a man and a woman.   

While the U.S. Supreme Court may still take up the issue of the redefinition of marriage, for now the courts have settled the issue in our state.  While we mourn the direction of a misguided judiciary, we’re encouraged by the fact that natural marriage was enshrined in 31 state Constitutions, and a recent Pew poll showed that support for same-sex marriage has dropped by 5% in the past 3 months.  While the courts believe same-sex marriage is a settled issue, it’s anything but settled in the hearts and minds of the people.

While we’re disappointed in the decision, we will not despair, we will not throw in the towel and we will not give up.  Laws may change, but the definition of marriage as a union between a man and a woman is timeless.  As Cicero once said, “Time obliterates the fictions of opinion and confirms the decisions of nature.”    We will continue to uphold natural marriage because it’s what’s best for men, women, children and our society as a whole.

Breaking news…it looks as though a federal judge is striking down Montana’s Constitutional definition of marriage.

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