HIGHLIGHTS: Ben Carson Rallies for Daines, Zinke in Mont.

Aaron Flint posted on October 29, 2014 12:41 :: 735 Views

A potential 2016 presidential candidate, Montana’s Attorney General, and both the US Senate and US House candidates rallied in Billings, Montana Tuesday night, and yet The Billings Gazette apparently completely ignored the event.  

Renowned neurosurgeon, and potential 2016 presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson kicked off a rally in support of Steve Daines (R-MT) for US Senate with this: 

Dr. Ben Carson: “I understand that that’s gonna be the first time in 101 years that that Senate seat has been held by a Republican…now it’s gonna be 100 years before the Democrats get it back.”

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Dr. Carson touts Ryan Zinke for US House:

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Extended audio from Dr. Carson’s speech in Billings, Montana:

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KTVQ-TV: Former neurosurgeon, possible presidential candidate hopeful Carson rallies Republicans

His conversation with the crowd grew to international topics such as ISIS. Carson says he believes it will take more from our military force to wrangle and extinguish the global threat, “The military’s got to work, not have its hands tied around its back … And when we get done, ISIS should be ‘IS-Was,” Carson said.

He ended with his endorsement of both Zinke and Congressman Steve Daines.

The endorsement went both ways as Daines too began his speech with an urge to Carson to run in 2016.

KULR8-TV: Freedom Rally Draws a Large Crowd For Steve Daines

“We need more men and women who solve problems instead of just win arguments. there’s too much of the back and forth bickering in Washington. it’s time to focus and move forward here in creating more jobs and a more efficient and effective government,” says Congressman Daines.


KULR-8 Television, Billings, MT


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