Lewis Flunks Political Courage Test

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As The Billings Gazette writes:

The major party candidates for Montana’s lone U.S. House seat are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to get elected. Much more is being spent on their behalf by PACs and parties. All of that money goes to carefully presenting the candidate as he wants to be seen in ads, news releases and multiple media platforms.

So why is it then that Democratic US House candidate John Lewis has so far refused to join us on Voices of Montana and take questions from Montanans, rather than just a select panel of reporters? Lewis is a career staffer to Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) who authored Obamacare.  (I imagine he also has a good amount of lobbyist cash that can help his campaign effort. That’s something that hasn’t been significantly reported on by the Montana news media.)   

Republican US House candidate Ryan Zinke, a former commander at SEAL Team 6, has shown the courage on multiple occasions, even if it means opening yourself up to hostile callers.  Could it be that the dark money group running the Lewis campaign is afraid of what questions may be posed by everyday Montanans?

Former Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D-MT) and a host of former Democratic candidates weren’t afraid to do it, why is Lewis?  



Thursday, August 28, 2014 2:51 PM

So why are you afraid to have the statewide Libertarian candidates on your show? Zinke is a liberal compared to Fellows. Would Lewis get a fair shake on your program.

Aaron Flint

Thursday, August 28, 2014 2:54 PM

I haven’t heard from the Libertarian candidates. Although, I’m sure the Democrats would love to have the Libertarian candidates get all the press they can get in order to help Democrats get elected.

J. C. Kantorowicz – Great Falls

Friday, August 29, 2014 7:58 AM

What if…….. Someone other than Zinke were elected as a placeholder until the next election cycle. It would then be possible to put Matt Rosendale on the ballot and get a true conservative elected. Two years from now it would be impossible to challenge an incumbent Zinke with a true conservative and win.

Aaron Flint

Friday, August 29, 2014 11:12 AM

2 years from now it will be nearly impossible to challenge *any* incumbent…I take it you prefer having the top staffer to the author of Obamacare in Congress for years to come?

J. C. Kantorowicz – Great Falls

Saturday, August 30, 2014 6:20 AM

No, I don’t want Lewis……. I don’t feel Zinke will be anything more than a shill for the RINO’s leading congress now. Just as Tester has his head buried in Harry Reid’s ^&*. I want some true representation from a true conservative.

It will be easier to get rid of Lewis after two years of him demonstrating his incompetence than for Montana voters to turn against a half hearted, luke warm Zinke with a conservative republican candidate.

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