Political Trough: Get Your Branson Burgers, America Loves America

America loves “America”- Bigfork, Montana Producer Gerald Molen’s latest film.  Get your Branson Burgers…but hold the impeachment.  Are millenials souring on big government?  The war on faith.  And- the libertarian spoilers who Salon magazine thinks could keep Democrats in control of the US Senate.  Those stories and more are in this week’s Political Trough.   

Breitbart.com: ‘America’ Enjoys ‘Fantastic’ Box Office Hold, Dethrones Michael Moore’s ‘Roger & Me’

The film scored the fifth highest per-screen average of any movie over the weekend, and it unseated Michael Moore’s Roger & Me on the list of top grossing political documentaries in just two weekends. America currently holds the seventh slot in that category.

“America loves America and I couldn’t be more proud or happy about it,” declared producer Gerald Molen said in a statement. “We look forward to another great week at the box office as Americans continue to discover this beautiful film.”

For this next story, I’m encouraging everyone to go out and grab a burger on your lunch break this week.  Tell em’ you want a Branson Burger…

MichelleMalkin.com: Guy who operates dozens of jets and a spacecraft fleet to help save planet by giving up… hamburgers

Richard Branson, the head of Virgin Airways and Virgin Galactic is so concerned about the effects of man-made global warming that he’s decided to make the ultimate sacrifice by giving up… eating meat:

By the way, Virgin Galactic, whose rockets are propelled by nothing more than an eco-friendly mixture of 0% spinach, 0% geothermal and 100% rocket fuel, isn’t just Richard Branson’s project — it’s also backed by Abu Dhabi’s Aabar Investments.

WashingtonPost.com: Republican Senate candidates distance themselves from ‘impeach Obama’

Sarah Palin wants to impeach President Obama. But leading Republican Senate contenders in battleground contests aren’t racing to her side.
The former Alaska governor’s “impeach Obama” push has put Republicans in an uncomfortable position: Embrace Palin’s call, and Democrats will label them extremists. Don’t embrace it, and they risk alienating conservative base voters who are livid with Obama over his use of executive power.

RedState.com: The war on religious faith continues

There probably hasn’t been a Supreme Court decision since Bush v. Gore, and definitely since Citizens United, that has been as maligned and mischaracterized as the Hobby Lobby case. Those opposing the decision are crying Armageddon! as though the proverbial gerbil of Religious Freedom was seeking a source light in the alimentary canal of the secular left.

Along the same lines about the war on faith, here’s what former Sen. Rick Santorum had to say via The Heritage Foundation:

From Politico’s Morning Energy- NRECA BASHES EPA RULE IN NEW AD

The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association is running a new television ad on Fox News and RFD TV that warns of higher electricity prices from EPA’s climate regulations for power plants. The ad will run from today [July 14] until Aug. 10, and will appear in the D.C. market on MSNBC when Congress is in session in July and September. An NRECA spokesman said it’s a six-figure ad buy. The ad: http://bit.ly/1kSeD0d

The Hill: White House plans highway funding blitz

President Obama and other top administration officials will pressure Congress to strike a deal on the Highway Trust Fund in a series of events this week, looking to coerce a deal before the financing for road, bridge, and mass-transit projects is exhausted next month.

Committees in the House and Senate approved measures last week that would provide approximately $10 billion more for highway projects, keeping the trust fund solvent into next year.
That’s a concession to Republicans, with Senate Democrats having preferred an approach that would have brought the issue up again during the lame-duck session this winter. Lawmakers hope that the next round of negotiations could see a deal that would offer long-term funding to the highway system finalized.

The Daily Caller- Poll: Millennials’ Belief That Government Is Wasteful Has Grown During Obama Era

Sixty-six percent of surveyed millennials say that they believe government is wasteful and inefficient, an increase over the 42 percent who said the same in a 2009 survey.
Sixty-three percent believe that government regulators favor special interests. Likewise, 58 percent say they think government agencies abuse their power.
A large majority — 73 percent — favor allowing private Social Security accounts, which Democrats generally oppose.

The Daily Caller: Biden, Bloomberg Describe Second Amendment Supporters With Vulgarities And Slurs

Apparently, however, whoever first said “there’s no further education to be had from the second kick of a mule” never met Joe Biden. Now, CNN’s new gun control advocate and TV host, John Walsh, is quoting Biden as saying that political candidates who oppose gun control are “tea baggers.”
Meanwhile, with apologies to the late, great Irene Ryan, it appears that Bloomberg, like Biden, has acquired all of his knowledge of firearms by watching episodes of the Beverley Hillbillies. According to an article published by Rolling Stone, Bloomberg (whose prior comments indicate his supporters travel primarily by taxi cabs) thinks that people who oppose gun control are so rural that their communities don’t even have roads.

Salon.com: 7 libertarian upstarts who might help Democrats keep their U.S. Senate majority

2. Montana’s Roger Roots. Now that we’ve had some fun, it’s time to be scared. In the late 1990s, Roots sued Montana Human Rights Watch for libel because they said that he was an organizer for the Klu Klux Klan in Billings. An appeals court threw out Roots’ lawsuit, but not without citing even more alarming facts about his background in a lower court’s ruling:

Today, he still is a public figure. The Montana Newspaper Association and Montana PBS included Roots in a statewide debate for 2014 U.S. Senate candidates. In this YouTube clip, just posted by The Billings Gazette, it took about 20 seconds for Root to show how little he’s moderated his views. Roots attacked the Democratic incumbent, Sen. John Walsh, and the Republican challenger, Rep. Steve Daines, over federal spending.

Did we forget to mention that Roots also is a two-time felon, including gun convictions? MtCowGirl.com predicts he’ll draw support from the state’s Tea Party voters

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