Does He Think Soldiers are Stupid? Now Tester Offends Vets

Why can’t you be both a soldier and an academic? In fact, at his pay grade, appointed Sen. John Walsh (D-MT) should be BOTH a soldier and an academic. Those are the reactions from some of my veteran friends after Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) defended Walsh.

If Sen. Walsh took heat from veterans last week for trying to blame his plagiarism at the US Army War College on PTSD, it is Sen. Tester who earned the ire of veterans for saying that Walsh is a soldier not an academic.

With the recent scandal, is Walsh toast?  Chris Stirewalt say’s he is more like bacon…

From Fox News First regarding Walsh’s 2014 US Senate campaign:

Crispy – “He was looking pretty toasty before. I would say this is bacon now. I would say this is all cooked. I don’t know what else is going to happen. … But the size, the magnitude of this error and how it relates to the core part of his biography, I would say this will probably scupper this campaign.” –Chris Stirewalt to Megyn Kelly on “The Kelly File”

Former Infantry NCO Compares Walsh to John Kerry Another Dem War Hero, says Walsh guilty of Stolen Valor Act  (h/t a “Voices of Montana” listener in Helena)

Those of us who try to stay attuned to developments in the veteran community are keenly aware that PTSD is all too often the first defense thrown up by those phony veterans claiming military service and valorous awards for service and deeds never rendered, once they are exposed, or it is part of their original scam to milk public sympathy. These frauds, most who have never served and the rest actual veterans foolishly trying to add some macho glamour to their military record, are such a prevalent phenomenonin America today that they’ve earned their very own federal criminal statute, the Stolen Valor Act of 2013.

That a United States Senator throws in with that legion of losers as soon as his own Stolen Valor is exposed says a lot about his lack of devotion to the troops he actually led in combat, some of whom no doubt are suffering the real effects of PTSD. Why don’t you just steal their wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs while you’re usurping their emotional wounds for your phony defense, Senator? And yes, I know, you’re trying to backtrack now but your first defensive instinct is what is so telling.

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