Schweitzer: Dem Senate Primary “Too Close to Call”

Aaron Flint posted on April 24, 2014 12:36 :: 6567 Views

The popular former Democratic Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D-MT) was on MSNBC Thursday morning.  Here’s what he had to say about the US Senate race in Montana- in particular, the Democratic primary battle between former Lt. Gov. John Bohlinger (D-MT), appointed Senator John Walsh (D-MT), and Dirk Adams.

Here’s a portion of the transcript (it is a transcript, so please pardon the misspellings): MSNBC – The Daily Rundown – Brian Schweitzer (MT Senate race)

SCHWEITZER: understand montana politics, you need to know during the last 60 years, 16 presidential elections, only one democrat has got to 50%, that was lbj. clinton won montana with 37% because old big ear, remember that, perot, he got 25% in montana. let’s get to John Walsh and the senate race. if the election were held today, steve dains would probably win it. this is a low-information election right now. people don’t really know John Walsh and they don’t know steve dains. John bolinger and dirk adams are in the primary. if the primary were held today, it would be too close to call. and i suspect Walsh might pull this out. if a general election were held today, i think dains gets to about 50% and probably Walsh gets to about 40%. but a lot can change between now and election.


Politix: How Harry Reid Could Be Sabotaging Western Senate Democrats

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid won’t likely take a hit for denouncing Nevada ranchers – his own constituents – as “domestic terrorists”. But he sure could be hurting his fellow Senate Democrats as they work frantically to cling to a majority.
Two western-state Democratic senators, Mark Udall of Colorado and John Walsh of Montana, will likely to be forced to answer for Reid’s public lands remarks on the campaign trail. That as Democrats are already expected to lose Senate seats in South Dakota and West Virginia. Prognosticators suggest Republicans have a decent shot at winning the six seats necessary to claim a majority.

Whatever the merits of the Bundy case, Montana and Colorado are also states in which the federal government owns considerable federal land. Ranchers and farmers make up enough of the population to tip a close statewide election.

Politico: GOP Beating Dems in Twitter Followers

2014 TWITTER GAME: ADVANTAGE GOP — The Washington Post’s Christopher Ingraham crunches the numbers on congressional Twitter accounts and comes up with some interesting findings: 1: Republicans have more followers than Democrats: “The median Republican House member has 6,872 Twitter followers, while the median Democrat has 6,015, a difference of about 13 percent. Republican Senators enjoy an even wider advantage – 23,252 followers versus 19,429 for Democrats, a gap of 17.9 percent. Considering that Democrats hold a technological advantage over Republicans in many realms, these gaps are fairly surprising. …

— Huddle Note: Ingraham acknowledged that members often had multiple Twitter accounts and that he used the one that appeared the most active. But Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) might object to being ranked dead last among his colleagues with just 921 followers. In fact, at his campaign handle, @jontester, he had close to 9,000 followers. Similarly, the author used Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill’s office account (5,318 followers) rather than her personal account, @clairecmc (100,000). He also chose to go with Rep. Paul Ryan’s office account (371,000 followers) vs. the one he used as the GOP’s vice presidential nominee, @PRyan (590,000).

J. C. Kantorowicz – Great Falls

Friday, April 25, 2014 7:33 AM

If enough of us cross party lines to influence the primary election…… Remember when that was done by the Democrats to put old “whats his name” from Butte in as the Republican candidate….. We could get rid of Walsh in June instead of waiting until November.

Bow tie anyone?

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