After 60 Years Empty, Clark Mansion Finds a Buyer

Aaron Flint posted on April 14, 2014 15:55 :: 2900 Views

A Montana Copper King mansion has a buyer.

After 60-plus years sitting empty, a Clark family mansion in Connecticut now has a buyer.  If you’re ever seen Coach- no not the TV show, but the women’s handbags…that’s the connection. 

Bill Dedman, the NBC News investigative reporter who first brought us this intriguing story sent out the latest update below. 

I spoke with Bill Dedman Monday afternoon.  Listen to your Northern News Network radio station Tuesday morning to hear how he describes the mansion and the significance of this purchase.   

Latest update from Bill Dedman, NBC News:  

Readers of the Huguette Clark mystery series:

Here’s an update on news related to the Clark story and our bestselling book, “Empty Mansions: The Mysterious Life of Huguette Clark and the Spending of a Great American Fortune.”

— Today, Huguette’s mysterious house in New Canaan, Connecticut, the house that brought her life to public attention, has finally sold after being empty for more than 60 years. The buyer is fashion designer Reed Krakoff (formerly of Coach) and his wife. The price was $14.3 million. Details are at
— The paperback version of “Empty Mansions” will be released a week from tomorrow, on April 22, and can be ordered now through all the bookstores. The paperback include updates on the Clark estate, and the book club reading guide. Empty Mansions is now available in hardcover, paperback, e-book, and audiobook.

— Christie’s in New York has announced dates for the public showings and sales of Huguette Clark’s art, musical instruments, books, furniture, and other treasures. (Not being sold: her doll collection, and paintings made by Huguette herself — those will go to the new Bellosguardo Foundation in Santa Barbara, along with the house there.) The Christie’s entrance is on 49th Street at Rockefeller Center, near 6th Avenue. The dates for Christie’s:

April 18-24 (except Sunday): Christie’s show of selected items: the Monet, three Renoirs, art, books, a rare Stradivarius violin known as the Kreutzer, and personal effects.

May 2-6 (except Sunday): Viewing of Impressionist and Modern work.

May 6: Sale of four Impressionist paintings.

June 14-17 (except Sunday): Viewing of all other work.

June 18: Sale of more than 400 objects.

— We have events planned in New York at the public library, several events in Santa Barbara and Montecito, and appearances in Torrance, Calif., and Gaithersburg, Md. See details at
— “Empty Mansions” has crept back onto the Los Angeles Times bestseller list. That’s 14 weeks on the list in L.A., nine in New York, and nine at independent bookstores. “Empty Mansions” debuted at No. 1 on The New York Times bestseller list. See other news coverage at
— Information about the resolution of the estate contest over Huguette’s $300 million estate is at

— How you can help:

Please let your friends (whether they’re of the Facebook variety or real friends) know that the paperback is out. If each of you gave as gifts just ten copies of the paperback….

Please mention the book to book clubs. Send me an email for the book club discussion guide.

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