Vulnerable Dems Missing from Climate Pajamathon…

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“The appointed one” is apparently choosing to dodge the tough issues and pretend to be moderate until after the November election…the latest from The Walsh Files is below…

Roll Call- Vulnerable Democrats Missing From All-Night Climate Change Debate

Thirty Senate Democrats are scheduled to stage an all-night talkathon to address climate change and its deniers, but notably missing from the extensive roster of speakers are moderate Democrats, especially those who are up for re-election in 2014.
According to a list of participating senators provided by Democrats, the most politically vulnerable among them will not speak: Mark Begich of Alaska, Kay Hagan of North Carolina, Mary L. Landrieu of Louisiana, Mark Pryor of Arkansas and John Walsh of Montana. Interviews with several moderate Democrats on Monday suggested they were not invited to contribute to the event, while GOP campaigns hit Senate Democrats generally for staging such a stand on the floor.

The Walsh Files

Mike Dennison: Public had plenty of suggestions — and opinions — on who Bullock should appoint as U.S. senator

Carl and Katie Smith of Whitehall wrote to ask Bullock not to appoint Walsh, saying the “Republicans will eat him alive.”
Yet Charlet Beland of Livingston said it’s “imperative” that Bullock appoint Walsh, to give him a better chance to win the Senate seat: “Give the Democrats a fighting chance.”

Meanwhile, Montana Media Trackers and Lee Newspapers have reported on some of the outlandish claims of the Walsh campaign.

Montana Media Trackers: Walsh Accuses Daines of Wanting to Outlaw Birth Control Pills at Montana Democratic Party Fundraiser

Speaking at the Montana Democratic Party’s annual Mansfield-Metcalf Dinner in Helena, Walsh called Daines an “extreme” opponent of abortion rights and pointed to Daines’ co-sponsoring a bill that Walsh claimed would “ban abortion and birth control pills” according to Dennison.

Walsh was apparently referring to Daines’ co-sponsoring of H.R. 1091, a bill that attempts to extend 14th Amendment protections to “each born and preborn human person,” and defines human life as beginning at conception.

The bill is just three pages long and makes no mention of birth control, so it is unclear why Sen. Walsh believes this bill would outlaw birth control pills.

Billings Gazette: Should Walsh take credit for phone-privacy bill in state Legislature?

When someone comes out of nowhere and says he worked on this, it doesn’t make any sense,” said Rep. Daniel Zolnikov, a Billings Republican.
The bill, passed by huge margins by the 2013 Legislature, was signed into law by Gov. Steve Bullock last May.
It requires law enforcement to get a warrant before tracking someone using the person’s personal cell phone or other mobile device.

You may recall that appointed Sen. John Walsh’s (D-MT) first vote in the US Senate was to raise the federal debt ceiling.  Let’s just say that the Montana GOP found that somewhat ironic

During his brief introduction to the people of Montana, Walsh called on greater fiscal discipline from the Department of Defense, noting that“we should start by reducing waste in contracting and procurement.”
But in 2011, the Walsh-led Montana Department of Military Affairs was cited for doing a “poor job of managing the federal money it receives” – namely the agency’s failure to monitor $19 million in federal grants, its inability to identify its active contracts andinappropriately altering a nearly $1.6 million contract. (Associated Press, 07/04/2011)
Montanans deserve to know: why doesn’t appointed Senator Walsh practice what he preaches? Why should we trust him to balance our nation’s budget when he has already wasted millions of taxpayer dollars?

Got questions for the appointed Senator? The Yellowstone County Democrats sent out a notice of an open house this Friday: 

You are invited to an Open House at the Billings office of Senator John Walsh.

Stop by, say “Hi” to our newest Senator and share your ideas on the future of Montana.

Friday, March 14, 2014

2:30 pm

222 North 32nd Street, Suite 100 (former Baucus office)


Al Smith

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 4:47 PM

Who would have ever thought one could made a big business out of a natural cycle the earth passes through on a regular basis?

The world finally came out of the last ice age at about the beginning of the Neolithic period some twelve thousand years ago and has been warming ever since. It will contine to warm until the next ice age begins. We are blessed to have lived during this warming period between ice ages. It is tough enough to raise a crop in Montana but imagine trying to plant wheat on a glacier.

So, those who dreamed up the global warming hoax keep telling the lie that warming is man caused, demanding ever more restrictions on businesses, and then Al Gore comes along with his goofy carbon credits…what a hoot. Would be down right funny if it didn’t hurt our economy so much and make the hoaxers many millions pushing green energy schemes…right Algore?

Ok, that’s all for today…

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