Anti-Gun California Dem Indicted…for Gun Running

Aaron Flint posted on March 27, 2014 15:07 :: 1163 Views

An anti-gun California Democrat has now been indicted…for gun running.  Innocent until proven guilty, but the evidence is pretty damning that a prominent gun control advocate was seeking to run guns through Islamic extremists.  Is Piers Morgan proud? There’s a must-read Twitter compilation from, including this tweet and many more:

Click here for this full Twitchy post- Hypocrisy overload: Tweets from gun control advocate Leland Yee, charged with arms trafficking

The San Jose Mercury News had the story:

Known for navigating the state Capitol’s backrooms and this city’s complicated political landscape, state Sen. Leland Yee now is accused of consorting with notorious felons, accepting money for his cash-strapped political campaigns in exchange for favors and promising undercover FBI agents he could deliver connections to international gun runners.

In a stunning development that almost certainly torpedoes Yee’s quest for statewide office, the San Francisco Democrat wound up glum and disoriented in a federal courtroom Wednesday. The politician who introduced anti-gun-violence legislation is now charged with trafficking in firearms and public corruption in an FBI undercover operation that could land him in prison for years.

Yee is linked to a host of wrongdoing to pad his political warchest, charged with seven felonies in a case with two dozen defendants accused of everything from money laundering to murder-for-hire. The defendants include Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow, a reputed ringleader of a Chinese syndicate federal investigators have been trying to crack since the late 1980s.

Twitchy also spotted this tweet from The Washington Examiner’s David Freddoso:

Beyond the hypocrisy, points out a potential security threat: CA Democrat’s Alleged Arms Trafficking Scheme Linked to Islamist Rebels

The FBI affidavit describes conversations about shipments of automatic weapons and talk of heavier weapons, including shoulder-fired missiles and artillery.
One arms trafficker Yee allegedly discussed sourced weapons from Russia. Another trafficker, in an alleged meeting with Sen. Yee, political consultant Keith Jackson, and the FBI informant on March 11, 2014, allegedly discussed arms to be obtained from the Philippines. The affidavit claims the arms trafficker claimed personal relationships with Islamic rebels in the Philippines, though the weapons were supposedly to be obtained from sources inside the Philippine military.

Though the presumption of innocence must hold for now, the sheer scale and detail of the FBI’s work is impressive.

And he’s not the only California Democrat running and gunning with the law, as The Wall Street Journal’s Allysia Finley reports:

Democrats in Sacramento are giving their counterparts in Albany and Springfield a run for their money, literally. The FBI on Wednesday arrested California state Sen. Leland Yee of San Francisco in connection with an international gun-trafficking sting.

Two other Democratic state senators are already on leaves of absence due to criminal charges. In January, Roderick Wright of Inglewood was convicted on eight felony counts relating to voter fraud, while Ron Calderon of Montebello was indicted on 24 charges of corruption. But Mr. Yee, a candidate for secretary of state this November, has outdone both with his alleged international gun-running operation.

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